Thursday, February 28, 2013

potty trial numero uno

A couple weeks ago for a couple weeks in a row, I unsuccessfully attempted to potty train this mini beast. While I *am* a stay at home mom and I'm sure many of you would argue that I should be doing these things regardless of how "difficult" it may be... I'll just tell you: feel free to come clean the piles of piddle and/or poo. Yeah. Super enjoyable! Just when I thought she was doing a fairly good job, I had another mess to clean up. Not unlike having a puppy in the house again. Her success to failure ratio was about 1:5, maybe even 1:4. I may muster up some more courage and give it another go in a couple weeks. We shall see. Until then... piddle and poo will be contained...for the most part.
caught mid-piddle... I have to confess she is pretty darn cute and extremely devious :)

ugh. boots.

I've been wanting a pair of tall brown boots for the past couple winters. I'm still not convinced I even know what I want. Dave and I are going shopping this weekend (some much-needed alone time) to hopefully purchase some thing(s) for ourselves. This happens once a year...maybe! Leave it to me to wait until the last minute to think about what I'd like to purchase, BUT boots may be on the list. Sooo I did some browsing and found quite a few options... now Dave will have to endure the trying on of many, many boots this weekend. Oh, and maybe jeans :)

Quite a few years ago now I purchased a pair similar to these. I love them. BUT I need something a bit more child-friendly. When I leave the house, I do it in a hurry. Often times I don't think too much of what I might be wearing. Often times I have to run back in to apply foundation and mascara just so I have something on my face. And most often, I'm wearing jeans and a Target tee. Lame. I know. My wardrobe is just that... lame. In a lousy attempt to be a hot mom look better when leaving the house, I thought some nice boots would be a nice alternative to the jeans/tee/sneaker combo I sport quite often. No argument from the sistas on my lack of wardrobe and fashion. And quite appropriately, I'm increasingly worried TLC's What Not To Wear is taping me every single time I leave the house... fact: they'd laugh. hard.

I have an Aldo gift card so I'll be trying these two pair on for sure:
(sorry, I couldn't get the photos to save anyyyywhere... dirty websites!)
Aldo boots

I think they fit well with my currently owned grey tee ;)

Then there are these. I go back and forth between the Peter Pan look, the rider boots, and the shorter boot. I really love my cousin's boots! I'm truly torn...

tall, brown boots

Wish us (mostly Dave) luck this weekend ;)

daily Smith fashion

Most days we don't leave the house. Thussss I dress her like this. Why? Because I don't care, she doesn't care, and *no*one will see her. Except you guys. ;) And the majority of the days, she's lucky to have clothes on :)

Drew (2):
Onesie: hand-me-down Children's Place from Lia (and Austyn)
Leggings: found at Gordman's
Hat: hand-me-down Gap from Lia (and Austyn)

** of course these items disappear about the time I want to feature them here, so I'm taking guesses on the onesie and hat... I'll get back to you if I'm wrong ;)

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

random happenings

I've been taking more photos these days because of the 52 of 2013. I'm unsure what to do with all these photos, as far as the blog goes. So I guess I'll just do some 'random happenings' or something of the sort on here from time to time. There's really no significance behind these photos. And they are just that... random. Hope you enjoy!


"a portrait of my children (and maybe Dave and me), once a week, every week, in 2013"
Peyton: new goal to catch him away from his gaming. grr.
Lia: literally the *only* photo I could get of her this week. we may have words.
Austyn: toothless grin.
Tayt: board game with dad.
Nash: enjoying the entry way sunlight.
Drew: more sun. we can't wait for spring.
Meg: bath time.
Dave&Courtney: rocking it. :)

Friday, February 22, 2013

Florida wedding!

We are beyond excited to be vacationing this summer. I can't even describe my excitement. The hours and hours of pointless, yet very meaningful, conversation while traveling nearly 3000 miles. Yes... threeeeee thousand. Playing with the kids on the beach. Visiting with our amazing family. Man... I. just. can't. WAIT. Sooo in the mean time, I need to find something to wear. I thought I'd start now because usually I'm digging frantically through my closet hours before a wedding or really any event only to end my frantic search depressed about myself, my wardrobe, life in general. It gets scary. Not my finest hour. 

ANY way... focus... VACATION!

Again, I have absolutely NO sense of fashion. None. (Also mentioned here.) This is not something I pride myself on. This is not something I strive to be. It just happens. I don't know how to fix it. Usually when I ask my sisters during a shopping trip, "is this cute?" I get the "look." Whatever. So I'm just throwing ideas around here. I'm sure they'll tell me how annoying my style is (Megan, I'm looking at you!) ;) and how hideous these pieces are and to start over and how none of these are appropriate for this wedding. 
Oh well... I'm tryingggg!

Also keep in mind I will be nursing our little Mega Meg who will be 9 months old for the wedding. My attire must require easy access to the ladies... not the easiest task to be discreet about, not that I care too much... a great source of reference for nursing attire can be found via Milk-Friendly... love, love, LOVE all her goodies!

Florida wedding

wedding dresses

Neen, one of these days I'm giving you and Casey a budget and you'll both need to collaborate and get me a new wardrobe. An entire new wardrobe. Top to bottom. I desperately need it!  :)

daily Smith fashion

Nash is becoming more and more willing to step into The Spot for our fashion post photos. He has absolutely no idea why I'm taking photos of him, not a care in the world, but boy does he look cute when I can catch him. Also, stop growing up little man. You're killing my heart!
Nash (3-1/2):
Jeans: Old Navy hand-me-downs from Peyton (and Tayt)
Shirt: Walmart jersey hand-me-down from Peyton (and Tayt)
Cap: gifted Target cap from Santa

Thursday, February 21, 2013

etsy Wednesday

My etsy folder is quickly filling up so one of these posts has been in order for some time now. Lots of random goodies. I'm not good at keeping like items together so this is how it's going to be :) I do have a want on my list that I may do some searching for today. More to come on that later. I have two extra, crazy boys here today... as in extra and crazy, not extra crazy... although they may be both ;) so I'm not sure how much I'm going to get done here on the blog. Maybe tomorrow! 

bridal dress hanger  (similar to photo $9.99)

love this one too!

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