Wednesday, June 17, 2015


"a portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015"

I'm a *smidge* behind in the 52 of 2015 posts. Don't be fooled, I'm taking photos every day. I just don't sit down to put them on the computer and then post them. tsk.tsk. so here goes for 24/52!

Peyton: the teenage struggle is real. must.find.a.balance with these games!
Lia: she's taken to reading and won't stop. things could be worse ;)
Austyn: she recently told me she has a boyfriend. she's locked up.
Tayt: boy. through and through.
Nash: teenage wolf... he wants his hair long...
Drew: always proper. until she's not. then she's a wild one.
Meg: working hard on pedaling that bike. her patience is short with this. with everything actually.
Will: yes, I do indeed feed my kids sugar. by the spoonful actually. what of it.

Monday, June 8, 2015

beads, bags, and bug bites... oh my!

just when things are too mundane and quiet around here, God throws me a patience test. I never think I really know it all, but I must have thought for a second I might have some things under control. ha!

here are some photos from the weekend. this one is a long one folks!

stole this one from Austyn's iPod. practicing fish lips and perfecting their selfies apparently.

here's where the patience part fits in.

it's fun.

that's sarcastic.

Thursday night shortly after supper Nash and Drew informed me "Drew put a beeeeead in her nooooose." Five children ago, this would have worried me... scratch that, we did the same.exact.scenario five children ago. I won't mention any names, but our third child had to undergo general anesthesia to have a bead of almost the same caliber removed from what might possibly have been the same nostril. Right handed, right nostril. Only makes sense... to a 3 and 4 year old.

back to the point...

bead. in the nose. alrighty then. 

I inspected the sit-chee-ation. You know, just to be sure I couldn't remove it myself. Nope. In fact, she got upset and sucked that thing right back as far as she could. 

For the next few hours we went back and forth debating whether or not the situation was emergent. My youngest sister, who is also an EMT, suggested an ambulance was probably a must. Sick sense of humor we have. In the end, Dave and I decided an early morning trip to the pediatrician would be best. Having gone through this several fiveee times before, we felt pretty confident it wasn't 1) obstructing an airway or 2) causing any pain. Although, seriously... it had to cause some pain going in. why? why push it in more, Drew!?!

Friday morning: hi, pediatrician. yes. a bead. yes, it's wayyy in there. no, blowing her nose while obstructing the other nostril does not, in any way, dislodge it. ENT. cool. he knows us by first name. kidding. kind of.

she didn't like what they attempted to do to try to dislodge the bead. hey, I don't blame her. well... I do. buttt, metal hook/rod loopy thing... I'm just thankful she didn't lose it when he came at her with that thing.

then she colored and drew "humans" while we waited for ambulatory surgery scheduling. ENT physician decided general anesthesia would be best.

three hours later, a trip to the grocery store, and some coloring activities from Target anddd we're ready to start. 

imagine your toddler drunk. 

now imagine if your toddler asks the Child Life Specialist to smell her foot and then tell her she's a loser. 

imagine your face color... 

all hypothetical, of course.

what felt like a lifetime but was probably less than 2 hours, and she's ready for snuggles with mom! oh, and the bead is freeeeeee!

she demanded mac n' cheese half way home (thus the deli container) and warm NOT HOT chocolate milk when we got home. 

and then passed out.

I hope she learned her lesson.


while all I wanted to do was go to bed at 3:38pm Friday night, ladies wine night was in the agenda. so I went and filled my face. goodness, it was delicious! also, shame on us for not getting a group photo. although, the food may be more fun to look at ;)

Instagram repeat, but!

look-a-like brothers

Saturday night we attended a graduation party and then had a fire with friends (Peyton's girlfriends family). Nice relaxing time!


Peyton and Isabelle (they were all mmmoooommm)  ;)

late night home = quick bed time!

Sunday fun day! insert bags and all the Smiths and good food you can handle  :)

Peyton and Isabelle. so young. so adorable. stop it!

Austyn and Hilary. BFFs. (Hilary is also Isabelle's sister) We like em.

I noticed Will got a bug bite over the weekend, but I was still surprised to see him like this when he woke up this morning. We had a good laugh. Joked that he looked like the hunchback. It looks much better tonight. No worries!

We love relaxing weekends and will continue to soak them up this summer. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer as well!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

running man

We do a lot of "dancing" round these parts. Not sure any of us are any good at it, butttt we do it just the same. Caught these two doing some sort of move together. Running man maybe...

(ignore the arguing and messy entryway) eek!  :|


"a portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015"
Peyton: got himself some new shades. rockin it.
Lia: asked her for a photo of her outfit. nailed it.
Austyn: goofball.
Tayt: very serious.
Nash: goofball.
Drew: someone wash this girls face!
Meg: goofball.
Will: blondie.

THERE, I'm caught up. Now to get the garden planted!
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