Monday, July 28, 2014


I'm going to go ahead and steal the hashtag #sweetsummertime idea from Casey and start some related blog posts. Mostly because she told me these photos shouldn't go to waste ;)

Our crazy neighbor up and moved away (huge pouty face) :( Thank the Lord she only moved a city away so she's now 4.5 miles away rather than 400 feet. Instead of walking over, now we have to get in our van to go visit... we're so lazy ;)  the kids love swimming in her pool and we love to visit. Downside: my garden needs weeding. daily. eek. let's not go there!  literally, don't go in there... it's a mess!

instead, here are some cute photos of Drew just swinggggging away at crazy neighbor's house, which I guess we'll just have to call her Crazy now ;)

confession: there may or may not have been a tiny meltdown because someone couldn't get themselves on the swing without some help. 
photos are nicer to see than her meltdown :|

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

etsy Tuesday

As usual I'm way behind on my etsy posts. While I haven't been posting my likes, I have continued to add to my favorites folder and that's full to the max now.

We *love* spending time on the beach, and I think this would be wonderful to find some shade on the beach. Although I'm not sure if this would withstand a windy day. Very neat idea though!

Drew says this to Dave and I every time we exchange 'I love you!' one of my favorite things to accompany 3 year olds :)  
I think this would be a great addition to her room.

I may need to put in an order with my personal woodworker (aka: the best dad everrrrr). The kids love swinging :)

I'm not usually one for much 'bling,' but for whatever reason this caught my eye.

Wallpaper is making an amazing come back. This would look wonderful somewhere anyyyywhere in the house!

I have a slight large obsession with totes. I could have a million. I love the idea of throwing all my belongings in a big bag just floating around. I will have one. Someday!

I don't think my block-shaped postpartum body would pull this off, but something about it... I like. 

My lack of jewelry would fit perfectly on these :)

Thursday, July 17, 2014

thankful holiday {on the beach}

Part 2 of our holiday weekend... better late than never ;) a lot of my photos just sit on my computer so I'm trying... really, I'm trying... trying to get better at this blog and using those photos.


These babies did pretty well at the beach. Will got a bittt too much sun... oops... first time mom. Der. Wait... it's not my first time. Oh well.

Austyn photobombing because she didn't realize I was trying to get Nash on the bucket. Turned out better than I planned ;)


Homer worked hard building something all afternoon.

almost, Meg. almost.

and then she discovered her back side...

Grandpa overseeing the hooligans

Dave and Will manning the beach.

Drew thought it was hilarious to try to splash me. and my camera. turd.

Dave, Will, Nash, Chris, and Johnathan manning the beach.

We all extremely enjoy the beach. 

Now come on summer and give us just a couple more days to do so ;)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

thankful holiday weekend

There's just something about long weekends with lots of family time and warm weather and good food and time on the beach that makes me never want to come back to reality. Our 4th of July weekend was just plain a good ole time. I'm sure I'm just choosing to remember all the good, but then again, that's really all I want to remember any way... the good.

the youngest cousin, Johnathan, schnoozin

I should never walk by a $1 bubble wand without picking up 10 of them. The kids love them, play reasonably well for a reasonable amount of time... best $10 you'll ever spend :)

and then I made them pretend to like each other for a photo... which turned out awesome!

and then I told them they could make silly faces... Homer was looking for inspiration :)

We are *in love* with Rowdy's new teef. A month or so ago she had some (more than a couple... she's taking after her mother) cavities that needed to be filled which required sedation sssooo she came out of 'surgery' with these brand spankin new capped front teef that we've been calling hippo teeth... chiclets...beaver teeth... but she's SO darn cute (messy face and all!) :)

These ladies are pretty much the best. A weekend together wouldn't be complete without a sister photo :)

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

let the 'vacation' begin

This post has been waiting patiently for me to finish it. If I were getting paid to blog, I might do it more often... maybe. There are a lot of things I would do better if I were getting paid to do them... that doesn't say much for my character does it. Forget I said that.

Anyyyyyway... the first day of school and the last day of school felt about 4 weeks apart (kind of like my blog posts... ha!) kidding... back to the point... these kids. They're growing again. Kids, stop it!

Everyone moved on to the next grade. Don't ask me what grades those are... Ima whittle slowwww remembering that. THAT or I'm in denial that they're getting sssooo oldddd. Whaaaaaa!
last day of school

Peyton, always picking on someone...

Immediately after this photo I may or may NOT have screamed raised my voice at Peyton after looking at my camera's viewfinder... I'm blaming that 'mom fail' on him.

and then Homer wanted in. Sup, Homer?

and because I'm in complete denial that any of them are aging, I had to do a comparison to break my own heart. I do it to myself ;)

first day (top) - last day (bottom)
okay, okay, OKAY... 
Peyton will be a Freshman in high school (pause for crying)... Lia will be in 6th grade. Austyn in 4th. Tayt in 3rd. anddd Nash will be in kindergarten. (again, all the tears)

Now, the summer can slowww dowwwn :)
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