Friday, September 26, 2014

mine all mine

We're closing in on fall here in Wisconsin. While I don't mind the cooler weather, I sure will miss the summer, the green grass, sitting in the shade while the kids play, mowing the yard, all things summer! As usual, it's gone wayyyy too fast. September was supposed to be a little calmer than August. And now I find myself hoping October is a little calmer than September...we shall see!

October seems to fill up with photo sessions, and this last weekend I drug let the kids come along for a photo session with Dave's cousin and his wife. I like to get a photo of all the kids together when I remember (clothing optional) because they're growing up and soon they'll be moving out and they'll never come home for hugs! Nevermind... they're never growing up... 

takes a few photos until they realize what's going on...

Nash trying out his new smile...

Nash! Willlll!

Lia tries to help make them focus...Meg might be screaming "cheeeeesssseeeeeeeee!!!"

sssooo close!

forget it.
Nash - Austyn - Peyton - Lia - Will - Drew - Tayt

8 kids. 11 photos. NOT too bad if I don't say so myself ;)

Friday, September 19, 2014

a freshman, a middle-schooler, a kindergartner, and 2 partridges in a...

Sometimes I wish I had a more meaningful reason as to why my blogging has been put on the back burner. Then other times, I look at the loads and loads of photos on my computer and I could care less. These wonderful kids, my amazing husband, my growing business... that's what's really important and I'm okay with not blogging as much or as well as I'd like. Always something to strive for.

Enough rambling... the real reason for this post. School started. I wouldn't say I was the most.excited.ever. but there must be some sort of checklist kids have in their brain to accomplish the week before school starts. It goes like this: argue incessantly. check. use sharpie on all walls, doors, floors, COUCHES. check. remind mom how bored I am every waking second. check. make a complete mess of the house twice, sometimes three, times a day. check. eat check twice.

The week before school started I was ready. Ready for them to go back to school. Ready to have a better schedule. Ready to catch up on everything around here. And then I watched them get on the bus and almost immediately missed them...a little...for like an hour  ;)

They were ready. I was ready. It was time. Do I think the summer went unreasonably fast? Yes. Do I want to pack everyone up and go on a long road trip out west today? Yes. Do I want a nap? Yes.... wait...that also has nothing to do with this post...

Because time is a jerk and I need a reminder that I am getting older...very, very slowly... 
a first/last/first day comparison.
September 2013   *   June 2014   *   September 2014

Peyton lucked out and got my genes. He too is aging slowly.  ;)

Friday, September 5, 2014


I'd like to say I can't believe it's been a month since I last blogged, but that would be a lie. I do believe it. August was so SO busy. I'm in complete denial that it's already over. The kids are back in school. I have house chores to catch up on. My apple trees produced 500 million apples this year. I'm trying to keep my counters clean. We purchased our first rental property. I have wayyy too many photos to edit. We're working hard. Really hard here. And I have a feeling my blogging is taking a back seat until we catch up some. Or even a teeeeeeny tiny bit caught up. Until then... follow us over on Instagram. I have a bad habit of being there more often than I should.
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