Tuesday, September 27, 2011

B & S session

Where do I start? Large groups... children... over 300 photos... yeah, we got a few. This was a great bunch to work with and I'm SO glad for the experience. I truly hope "grandma" enjoys them as well!

Check back for the collage of craziness from this photo shoot!

from Z to A

Babies are seriously my weakness. I had the chance to take photos of these two guys last weekend. Little A is just a tiny peanut at 4 weeks and Mr Z will be 3... if I remember correctly... regardless, they're adorable!

A huge thanks to my cousin and his wife. I really hope they enjoy them!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

tiny bit of magic

My lightscoop arrived on Wednesday and it's been on my camera ever since. I'm not claiming to know much about my camera (yet) but I do know this tiny piece of plastic is magnificent. I'm in love with it. We have a wedding this afternoon and I'm looking forward to seeing how it works in dimly lit churches and reception halls. Below are a couple examples of before/after the lightscoop.

The Lightscoop

no flash
with flash, lightscoop, and anger

no flash

with flash, lightscoop, & fake excitement

Just to be clear, this is a product I purchased for my own personal use. No one made me purchase this. No one gave me anything. And this is not promotion for any company.

Friday, September 23, 2011

revamped play room

Below is only one shot of the play/toy room before I went a little crazy and told the kids they were now considered children from 1920 and were only playing with wooden blocks and Matchbox cars... if they were lucky! This makes my stomach a queasy... be warned.

And then 3 days later when I finally got to finishing, this was the end product... donated an entire box and some bigger toys, junked a very full LARGE plastic bag, and swept up a rabbit.

...and here's where I got carried away with my new lightscoop and Drew was just tooooo adorable!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

random cuteness

During tonight's late night blogging/browsing/job searching I ran across these little gaffers and they could NOT be more adorable. Seriously... one of my children must wear a size 9... or they will!
Great new shop added to my favorites!

preceding Mr & Mrs

Although the entire process of preparing for their wedding may have been relaxed, we all knew the bride was serious business when it came to all the details. I'm so proud of how everything came together for Casey and Jake (Jacob). Casey did an amazing job in her preparation. And by amazing I mean spectacular/awesome/outstanding/phenomenal... beyond all of these!

These are photos from the rehearsal. Enjoy!

Enjoying Mallory's run-in with the video taping...hopefully there is more of that to be seen from Casey...

test walk down the aisle :)

this is after being reprimanded to behave...

Peyton being Renee. ;)

Pastor Hannula working her magic

Casey is so done rehearsing

our fabulous Musician

Grandpa Goat keeping Drew occupied

the Bride displaying her organizational skills

Pigg loved our gifts :)
More photos to come. You can also see Casey's photos here (here, here, AND here) and my Mom's photos here. Amazing day(s)!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

very first day

Two weeks ago this little fellow had his first (half) day in 4yo kindergarten. Time around here is giving me no break and it sometimes hurts my heart to think how fast these kids are growing up. We've been told many times how much I'll look forward to them growing up and being out of the house... but I appreciate more the times we're told to enjoy them while they are young. Not once have I wished them to be older or wished for future times. Right here and now is where I will forever long to be.

Any who... Tayt is very much enjoying his school and friends and girlfriend... he found her at school. Found. Like a lost puppy or something. Poor girl. Poor girlsssss for that matter! I had a hunch this one was going to be the most trouble with the girls. What my hunch didn't include was it starting this early... heart breaker.

Monday, September 19, 2011

daily Smith fashion

This little gem got lost in transition somewhere. This was taken back at the end of August. You know... when it was warm and the sun was out. Curse you Wisconsin weather... :(

Austyn & Drew:
Jumpers: c/o Aunt Pigg OshKosh B'gosh

Austyn - 6 yrs
Drew - almost 8 months

Thursday, September 15, 2011

daily Smith fashion

Look close... realllll close (but not too close where you get sucked into that trance he can put on people)... see that twinkle in this child's eyes... yeah, that's trouble. T.R.O.U.B.L.E. Big. Trouble. Period.
Jeans: uhh... hand-me-down Old Navy (yeah, we'll go with that and honestly, I'm not sure any of you really care where all their clothes are from) ;)
T-Shirt: hand-me-down OshKosh B'Gosh from Tayt and Peyton
Ball Cap: hand-me-down Old Navy from Tayt and Peyton

rewind. or maybe just restart.

So... yeah... minor neglect and abandonment on the blog these days. I do apologize! I feel as though I've barely sat down at my computer... I miss it. Also... our ... oh no... I'm missing a memory card. Dangnabit... one of the little people are in BIG trouble.


Short, frantic search only to find it hidden under Dave's plate of what looks to have been blueberry pie... nice.

Annnnnyway... what's been going on here in the Smith house, you ask!?! Lots... LOTS! So much that I'm not sure where to begin! Let's see... school starting, there was that wedding thing, football games, severe sinus congestion sweeping the entire house, baby turning 9 monthsssss... and that about sums it up.

I'd rather do this with some photos... I'm better with photos.

Uh oh... Drew calling. Back later with more! I PROMISE!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Quick set of photos to let you know we are alive. Just extremely busy. Extremely.

This is happy Miss Drew after a nap...

She was doing this face intentionally because I kept laughing at her.

Here's where she started getting serious...

I couldn't help myself. And yes. I did immediately pick her up after this shot. But just look at that double chin. HAD to be documented. ;)
... and I just realized she was exactly 8 months here. Happy (belated) 8 months chubkins!
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