Thursday, September 30, 2010

possibly out for the night

Our usual Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday night rituals vary slightly but always consist of dropping and picking Peyton up from football practice at 5:15 and 7:00 p.m. respectively. Tonight Dave is gone playing football so I loaded up the kids twice - to drop Peyton off and then pick him up again. Nash fell asleep on the way to get gas afterwards. He continued to sleep while I got gas, carried him in the house, and even slept through having his dirty diaper changed. I just hope he sleeps through the night too. I think tomorrow we'll try the nap thing :)

5-week countdown

As if I didn't have enough trouble saving money and keeping my mind off our annual trip to the Mall of America (MOA) in 5 weeks, Peyton has been running around whistling, humming, and singing this song! Not sure about the rest of you MOA-goers... but this puts me OVER the edge! I can almost smell it :)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Here's the Beef

Last night we spent some time finishing the sorting in the toyroom. All the toys, minus those under the spare bed, have been given a new home. Only one small crying spell about all her stuff being GONE (I won't mention any names...) but now we're fine. We're down to toy guns, army men (you're welcome Grandpa Randy), small animals for the barn my Dad made, some miscellaneous princess wear, a couple stuffed animals for each child, toy food for the kitchen, Matchbox cars, and baby toys. Wow. That sounded like a LOT. In all reality though, we cut everything in half. I think. This was the second downsizing of that room and  the first downsizing started with the closet. That was the easy part. Dave's Nascar cars and old photos were really all that were in there. And most of the old photos were my Mom's so that was an easy clean. In looking through some of the old photos, I was reassured that I maybe...sorta...kinda... could claim my children to be mine. They maybe...sorta...kinda look like me. A little.

Then there is that stronger resemblence to their father that kicks my butt every time. Dave laughs. And I pull the "I gave BIRTH!" card again. Trumps every time. Except I'm not sure I proved my point...

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

more minor details

Today in my daily etsy email, I ran across these cute little garland thingies. These would look adorable in the girls' room just strung up somewhere.

desert dream garland - etsy - $22

With the help of Neen (my cousin) who previous purchased this rug, I keep running across it and really like it. I think it would be great in my bedroom. Though I haven't really been looking for a rug for my bedroom, I think it will like it's new home there. :)

tucker stripe rug - crate & barrel - 4x6 - $59.95

lacking MacGyver skills

Yesterday I took Tayt and Nash with me to do some things at the old new house that wouldn't require constant supervision of them. Yes. I just said that. Yet again I prove to myself that there is never a time when a 3-1/2-year-old and a 1-1/2-year-old do NOT need constant supervision.

The 2 of them actually played very well together and only have tiny bouts of furious anger towards each other regarding gummie alphabet pieces and hammers. Tayt won the hammer. Nash won the gummie alphabets. BUT the hammer was very quickly taken away when Tayt smashed 1 too many Asian beetles on my very nice, clean white window sill. Paint should fix it though. No worries.

Because I can sometimes be too obsessed with detail, I was finishing some trim work around the light fixture in the kitchen. The boys were keeping busy in and out on the deck and in the office. I didn't think too much of Nash going in the office until Tayt said Nash was sitting in front of the door and wouldn't let him in. Uhhh... no. The office door is missing a door handle and only the best MacGyver can weasel it open if it is shut. I proved not to be that MacGyver. The screwdriver was too small. The knife was too big. And I couldn't get the package for the new door handle open. On the other side of the door, Nash thought this was hilarious!!! ... untillll he realized Mom was not coming in to get him immediately. Then he started to call my name. It was rather comical for a very tiny bit.

Fortunately, Dad was at the shop and came to the rescue with a scissors. The door handle went on the door immediately and is now working just fine. Never again will I say children do not need constant supervision. Lesson learned.

Friday, September 24, 2010

adios kids and Care Bears

After what feels like a very long week, I'm glad to be ending it with a "date night" with Dave. Fortunately, our date nights don't get crazy like they maybe once would have... what am I saying? Dave and I never really did date nights and never had the opportunity to be crazy when we were younger. Peyton was here right out of high school so we grew up in a hurry. ANYway... off subject... tonight my Mom has graciously agreed to watch the kids so Dave and I can go on our "date." If and/or when we leave the house without kids, diaper bag, sippy cups, and screaming, we usually only make it as far as the grocery store. No more movie dates for us. We like to be productive! :) My hope for tonight is a warm/hot meal, Home Depot, and possibly talk Dave into Barnes & Noble (I love you!)

I also hope/plan to purchase all the finishing details of the old new house so we can finish up over there and move the first truck load. Dave has been busy this week (when he can find time) loading a large truck borrowed from his parents. Anything and everything from the garage and the furnace room is now loaded. Due to the obscene amount of rain the last couple days, yesterday afternoon and evening were dedicated to cleaning, organizing, tossing, and down-sizing. I am still in awe of all the crap goodies we've collected over the last 5 years. As an aside... Grandma's - absolutely no toys for 30 years. We have enough to go around. There are now 3 garbage bags, 1 generous sized box, and 270 Care Bears (one in every color) in the hallway downstairs for the taking. Let's hope tonight is just as productive!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


A couple days ago we had another visit from the Tooth Fairy. This time, she remembered to come the night Lia lost her tooth. THANK Heavens! No melt downs. No crying. No dirty looks. Everyone is happy. Lia let Dave pull this one out again. I sat and watched as she laughed the entire time. She might just turn out like her mom yet... ;)

Monday, September 20, 2010

lacking green thumb

Now that the entry way is almost finished (waiting on a bench) ;), I've been thinking I should consider my father-in-law's suggestions of putting some plants on the sill of the beautiful window. I had to laugh when he suggested this. Courtney + plants/flowers/grass = death. My apologies. I just ... suck at keeping plants alive. End of story. I was once given a peace/Easter lily and told it "couldn't be killed." I proved them wrong.

I ran across this on Etsy and thought maybe, just MAYBE, I could keep this alive.

Or not.
hen and chicks - etsy - $15

Thursday, September 16, 2010


"Parents were invented to make children happy by giving them something to ignore."
~Ogden Nash

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

now to the final touches

Now that the painting is almost finished in the old new house, I'm forced ;) to think of some of the finishing touches in all the rooms. This causes me to browse the Internet and NOT work... and here are just a few of the goodies and ideas I found.

The entry way has a huge beautiful window and it would be spectacular to sit in there in the morning with a cup of coffee. Chill. Enjoy the sun. Judging by this website and the lack of prices listed, I'm guessing this nifty chair is around oh... $500. Just a guess.
Scandia Lounge Chair -

I love maps and globes, and I think this would be perfect in Peyton's room. A must for sure.

Peyton's room was a bathroom that the previous owners removed. Not the brightest idea... but in doing so, they pretty much ruined the wood flooring in his room. THUS, we need something in there. Love these tiles from FLOR. Although I'm not sure the circular ones will cover enough of the crap they left on the floor...
FLOR $59.99/4 tiles

Progress was made in Tayt's room (and Nash's room) today. I got some of the trim painted today, but I really like the polka dots and want to do at least one wall in his room with something like this.

This is another cool runner/rug. Again, the price is probably out of my range but I thought it was neat looking. And I'm not sure which room I'd use it in...
Owen -

Really liking this fabric. NOT sure what to do with it but it would match in the living room. At almost $40 per yard, I might be able to do a teeeny tiny pillow. Maybe. 

Aspire - peppercorn $39.75/yard -

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

27-week weigh-in and hand shake

This week marks the beginning of month 7 in this pregnancy. Yesterday was an afternoon filled with fun at the clinic for my usual visit with my Doc, diabetes screening, and pre-admission registry to the hospital. Fortunately for me, Mom and Megan kept Tayt and Nash so they didn't have to endure the fun with me. Anyone who visits the clinic know just about how this afternoon goes...

* crabby old bitty in passing car in the parking lot with her lips moving and no words coming out (mayyyy have been my fault) ;)

* receptionist at the lab who spokkeee tooo meeee veerrryyyy slllloowww sssoooo IIIII ddddiiidddnnnttttt ggggeeettttt ccconnnffffuuuusssseddddd

* drink this extremely thick glass of fruit punch (aka sugar water) in 5 minutes. GO! oh... it's disgusting but don't gag and puke it up. you'll have to do it again.

* woman in the waiting room trying to be inconspicuous about her belching. I heard it. A lot.

* weigh-in ... quickly forgot about that number and warned the MA not to judge

* discussion with nurse about the flu vaccine. Attempted to decline. Nurse wrote an inappropriately long message in my chart that probably reads "patient will get flu and die due to declining the flu vaccine."

* shake hands with Doc. Nope, no questions. Oh yeah, can I have 10 years off with this baby? No. FINE. Give my regards to Dave. See you in 4 weeks.

* hospital admit moved... you now have to walk up a level and 3 miles to the new location. the ER. SUPER!

* blood draw. Phlebotomist is the 9th person today to fall over dead when she asks what number baby this is for us. So annoying.

All in all, the afternoon was calm. Until Courtney tried on maternity jeans in Target that were apparently made only for women 4 feet tall. Seriously. SERIOUSLY! I treated myself to one of these bad boys. Not my fault. Mallory said it was much deserved.

Excuse the ridiculous photo. It was a long afternoon and Peyton was helping me out taking this shot. That obviously doesn't excuse the pants or the top that I now realize is too small. Okay. Put that one away for good. But... that's as good as it gets folks.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Slim Jim breakfast

MONDAY morning... not much to say about it, other than this morning was another crazy one. My phone alarm goes off at 5 a.m. every morning and this morning Lia had it. I'm not sure how long she had it but she was playing games. Reminder: 5 a.m. She and Tayt were "sleeping" on the floor next to our bed. Playing games. At 5 a.m. I imagine T will be taking a nap today. I showered while Lia and Tayt prepared my coffee. She got the perfect combination of creamer, sugar, and a little bit of coffee. :) I was almost ready, Dave was up, and we heard Lia and Tayt running what sounded like hot laps back and forth in the hall upstairs. I think someone indulged in some coffee. Here's Tayt visiting with me in the bathroom with his breakfast... a Slim Jim. I'm not sure where this Slim Jim came from, but he may be the only one in the house who actually eats them.
Other news... the ceiling paint is on in this little man's bedroom at the old new house. Tonight I hope to start the color on the walls. Trim is on all windows downstairs, and Tayt's room and the girls' room are all that is left in the house to be painted. Two weeks TOPS and we should be able to start moving. Don't quote me on that yet though...

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Professionals = progress !!!

After quite some time of little getting done at the old new house, the Professionals were called in. Working at the house was slow going when one of us was chasing around a little beast - keeping him off the stairs, keeping him in the house, keeping him out of the paint... you can imagine what did and did not get done!

Dave just happens to have an Aunt B who specializes in interior design/painting who was more than happy to help with her wing-woman, C. Together they do wonderful work and actually did some work in our current home that I love so I was very much looking forward to having them in the house again.

Up to this point I hadn't contributed much so it was decided the kids' rooms would be left for me. Yay! Granted, I'm a lotttt slower than B and C but Peyton's room is just about finished... with some help on the ceiling and a new, borrowed Miracle Brush. :) After the long holiday weekend and a combination of what I can only guess is a sinus infection... my doctor was very vague... not much painting in the kids' rooms got done. BUT a couple days' worth of amoxicillin, some painting yesterday, and I was very excited to see other rooms in the house with progress. Now the entry way, kitchen, dining room, AND living room are all complete and waiting for trim. And speaking of trim, the Professionals were also called in for staining and varnishing to prepare for the "contractor" ... I think that's what we call him... so the trim for the windows and doors is almost complete AND only 4 rooms of 11 remain to be painted. For 3 days of work, that is some EXCELLENT progress and I'm getting more and more excited that this move is for real and actually going to happen. I'm not sure if we have any "professional" movers in the family but we might be able to scrounge up some not-so-willing-but-able helpers :)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

brotherly love

forever messy pig

Somewhere in the last *ahem* twenty-nine years I have become quite a messy little pig and keeper-of-all-things. I have a hard time letting go of just about anything. Now... I'm not a hoarder by any means, but cute little drawings and papers I should read and paperwork I procrastinate and you name it... I have a hard time parting with. Just the other day I had to put everything I was doing on hold, control my behaviors, and clean this unbelievable mess... it takes about 2 weeks to get this bad. And yes, Dave still loves me.

Brace yourself for what you are about to see...

That last pile is the pile of my procrastinating paperwork that I NEED to get at. tomorrow. or the next day...


Anyone who knows my family could take a guess as to how this text conversation ends...

Mom: Dad went jogging today

Me: You mean a fast walk, right?

Me: Wait, is he okay?

Mom: All projects on hold

(Dad and Mom are currently working on a multitude of woodworking projects for the old new house. Mom, get on that.)

Me: Crap!

Mom: He jogged to Kramer's on his break!

Now... the distance between Dad's work and Kramer's (the local grocery store) is approximately 0.2 miles according to Google maps. In layman maps, he cut through 2 back yards, crossed a side street, and arrived in the parking lot. Dave could probably throw a football from the parking lot of Dad's work and hit the grocery store building. With that said, I am still proud that Dad is making an effort toward some sort of exercise. Next time you'll have to "jog" on the way back from the grocery store too. ;)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

beginning of a new year

Today was a quiet day. I take that back. My nephew, Luke, was here and he made up for the 3 who were missing. :)

Let me start over.

Today was a relatively quiet day with my 3 oldest missing. Excited would be an understatement when describing their feelings toward the First Day of School. Austyn was up at 5:30 this morning and I'm guessing she won't last much past 7:00 or 7:30 tonight. We shall see. Peyton and Lia were non-stop balls of energy. Even now as I listen to what sounds like a cage fight - if I had ever been to one - in the living room, they haven't settled down. I'm guessing it will end in tears by the end of the night. But for now, enjoy a couple shots from this morning. My babies...

Austyn - kindergarten * Peyton - 5th grade * Lia - 2nd grade
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