Thursday, August 7, 2014

Will: Wilbur, willdabeast, willburger, Willie.

Oh my, baby boy... how has the time gone so fast, yet again!? I probably dwell on it too much, daily maybe, but one constant in life... time passing incredibly fast. As usual, I'm late posting this, but you're 4 months young now! You're another 'easy' baby... easy going, bright blue eyes, almost always smiling... just perfect  ;) I tease, I tease... you fuss occasionally. Usually swapping turns with Theo Daisy to mess up auntie and mom's coffee mornings ;) 

The other 23.75 hours of your day you're sleeping, rolling around, eating, smiling, talking, loving peek-a-boo, eating, getting your toes to your mouth, flirting, perfecting your grasp, eatinggg (see: thighs, below)... that smile though... my heart!

but you do have a serious side... and the scowl and chin are more defined when you're serious  ;)

iPhone photos so not quite the same quality
still just as cute!
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