Sunday, September 29, 2013

double trouble

I haven't given this post much thought, and what I really wished I could do was surprise everyone we knew and our entire hometown with a brand new baby. But alas, I'm terrible at hiding pregnancies, and it was bound to be revealed. Casey is far better with words so read more here.

We're abouttttt 14 weeks, give or take. Casey thinks she's ahead of the game, but we all know who rocks pregnancies harder. I do. Boom.

baby Smith #8
due date: March 30 (probably before Casey)
weight gain: 14 pounds

frequently asked questions: 
(let's just get this out of the way right off the bat)
Q: How many children are you going to have!? Will you *ever* stop?!
A: Great question. We've been urged to be done. We've been given the look. We've been laughed at. We've been informed of the many options of birth control. 
Every comment you can imagine, I've heard it... 
Truth is: I have no idea. I didn't know when we started having children, and I surely don't know now. I know I'm nearing or at the end of my childbearing years. ;) every day I'm so thankful to be this blessed. It's really that simple.

Q: Are you crazy/out of your mind??!!
A: define crazy. yes, there is always some sort of chaos happening in this house. yes, I have my moments where I want to lock children out of the house and pretend for a second my mess will magically disappear. okay, I may have done that one a time or two. it never disappears. yes, trips to the grocery store with three children 4 and under looks insane. and even trips to the grocery store with 7 children looks insane. but it's our insane. it's our chaos. it's all mine/ours. and I wouldn't have it any other way. call it crazy.
cra·zy  (krz)
adj. cra·zi·ercra·zi·est
1. Affected with madness; insane.
2. Informal Departing from proportion or moderation, especially:
a. Possessed by enthusiasm or excitement: The crowd at the game went crazy.
b. Immoderately fond; infatuated: was crazy about boys.
c. Intensely involved or preoccupied: is crazy about cars and racing.
d. Foolish or impractical; senseless: a crazy scheme for making quick money.

Q: Was this planned?
A: They were all planned.

Q: What will you drive for a vehicle?
A: At the moment, we have no financial options for a new vehicle. We currently drive a burb, something like this, but ours is wayyyyy hotter. Yeah. Hot. I would *love* to get one of these, but we'll probably settle for this bad boy.

Q: Where will this baby sleep?
A: Most of my babies co-sleep. tsk tsk you might say. That's just the way we roll. It's easier for me. I enjoy the cuddling (for the most part). And it keeps these babies spaced apart amply. Take that as you will. ;) Meg has slept through the night since about 2 months, in her own crib, so I'm ready for another co-sleeping baby.

Q: Haven't you run out of names?
A: Well, I thought we had, but we just recently added a couple names to the list that may be high contenders for baby #8.

Q: What are your names!?!!!
A: We don't share. Ever. Casey may think she can read my mind when I give her that look. But she is mistaken and I'm actually thinking her suggestions for what I might name my baby are ridiculous... most of the time ;) We like for everyone to be shocked surprised when they hear baby's name, and there are few surprises in life so welcomed   :)

Q: You do know what birth control is, don't you?!
A:  Weird thing, I really, really love my husband. Nuf said.

Q: Is this it for you guys then?
A: At some point, I'll make a decision or have one made for me. Time will tell. I do not appreciate all naysayers concerns. I may need to come to terms with this. I know I'm not ready to make any decisions. The End.

Disclaimer: I may or may not have been in a foul mood while writing this post. If any or all of you are offended by this blog post... 
I'll publish now.  

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


"a portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013"

Peyton: looking grown up.
Lia: enjoying the last of our summer.
Austyn: perfect light. almost perfect teeth.
Tayt: he was reminded he neeeeeeeds to use soap when he washes his hair.
Nash: learning shapes. and cutting. better at shapes.
Drew: just Drew.
Meg: doing a lot of this lately. standing. andddd getting into the laundry. excuse the man panties.

Flew right past 33, 34, 35, *and* 36. Oops. Trying my hardest to get back on track with everything. House is clean. Laundry is done, just needs folding. Office desk is usable again. Now just to keep everything that way. Easier said than done. Woe is me. ;)

Sunday, September 15, 2013


Football season has begun. You could consider Peyton a veteran on the squad. I'm not sure he realizes how his world is about to be rocked next year. (He'll be a freshman. I did just say that out loud. and I'm going to try not to think about it or say it again for another year. Eek!) I have a feeling it will be an entirely new ball game next year. We shall see how that goes ;)

The sunset was amazing. SOOC shot.

This little lady started to stand up. In the middle of nowhere. By herself. I do not believe I'm ready for this!

Nash sweats. A lot.

Sharing nachos.

and it was a success :) I was told Peyton had a stellar tackle (which I missed because some beast baby was trying to take head dives offfff the bleachers), but I'm still proud nonetheless!

Friday, September 13, 2013

fall festival

Every year to start off the school year and the fall season, our church puts on a 'fall festival.' The kids love attending and playing all the games. I enjoy going to browse the garage sale, auction, farmers market, and (my favorite) the cookie walk. We came home with a very large pan of cookies and bars for 2$! Dave stayed home with the two little girls, but I think he'll have to join me next year. It was a beautiful day!

salsa contest

school kids manned the games

and last but not least, the petting zoo. Tayt wanted this bunny. It was "only fifteen dollars mom!" Nah. Sorry T! the kitties were free, and I didn't even want one of those ;)

I couldddd have put this fella in my pocket though. No one would have known ;)

Nash loved the kitties, but he wasn't too sure they liked him. They kept "stratching" him :) and not in the face. I have NO idea what those battle wounds were caused by!

Monday, September 9, 2013

keepin it real

waving to dad in the butcher truck

We have a full week of school under our belts. My goal was to be back on a great routine. I'll attempt this goal again this week and check back on our progress. ;) For the rest of the week I'll be folding a million baskets of laundry, grating zucchini until my fingers bleed, and attempting to find Lia's bed under a mound of Austyn's clothes. oh, and I decided to homeschool Nash this year. Wish me luck!

Another goal is getting back on track with the 52 in 2013 posts. Epic fail!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

etsy Thursday

I can hardly believe the last time I did an etsy post was in May. Wow. I'm slowly getting worse at this entire blogging thing. I wanted to do better!

ANYway, I'm always trying to catch up on something around here so why not add these etsy posts to the list. Oh well. Life goes on.

Earlier this week I *finally* spent my etsy gift card from friends of ours gifted to ME when Meg was born. Yes, I am aware she is almost a year old. What can I say? I rarely slow down to even think about getting myself something. I'm usually making purchases for the kids. BUT I was in the spending mood so I did it. I couldn't decide so I got this one and this one. I really like the necklace below, but I think I needed something a little smaller and not so... pointy. I don't know. It's still cute :)

My quest to learn to knit continues. I feel like fall and winter are knitting seasons, if there is such a thing. But I wouldn't mind learning myself how to knit a pair of these bad boys :)
simple and cute. again.
*might* need to add this to our craft night to-do list. love. and so easy to make... I think ;)
I think this is a neat gift idea. Filled with great wine. Candies. Trinkets. Cute, cute!
I would actually like one of these in the kitchen, odd as that sounds. I think the fresh spices, herbs, etc. would go great in here! year-round sort of thing... 
My name is Courtney. I'm addicted to notebooks. and pens. and pencils. and post-it notes. and anyyyyything office related. It's bad.
I will take one of every state please. :)

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

no stitches, only relaxing

Our last summer weekend was spent camping and laughing around the fire. The kids enjoyed swimming and biking around the campground. We enjoyed food and bean bag toss. And unlike last year, we had NO injuries!

We got to the camp site a little later than planned. I was am always ;) behind on laundry so we were waiting to be finished packing before leaving Friday afternoon. Major fail! But we made it. And didn't physically hurt each other. Win, Win.

Quite a few of our meals while camping consist of highly planned, extremely healthy, well-balanced... kidding! we like to keep it simple. and the kids aren't picking whatsoever. So pop/water/beer, chips, and burgers/brats/hot dogs it is. Throw in some fruit and we are *gooooood* to go! 

patiently waiting for a quick supper

someone loves babies (Drew holding her second cousin, once removed... something like that)

Trips to the beach are a must while camping. The kids all love the water and are extremely difficult to get out of the water! even Mega!

someone (as in ME... doh) forgot the swim diapers so we went all natural... no accidents! and her butt was so adorable I couldn't stand it!

these two are best buds

my view most of the day. cannotttt complain :)

My favorite meal of the weekend: pizza pudgy pies. Man, they were great! Hot, but delicious. Made me feel like a kid again :)

We really enjoy the activities this campground puts on for the Labor Day weekend. The kids' favorites are the sand castle contest and the movie on the beach Sunday night. Peyton and Lia participated in the sand castle 'contest,' and I thought their finished product was quite impressive! 

if you can't tell what it is, that's a hammerhead shark :) also, they only had a borrowed shovel, that yellow tool... a hoe, maybe... and a tiny bucket. I was thoroughly impressed... obviously ;)

their competition a little farther down the beach (below)

Neighboring campers had some tiny remote control cars, and the kids loved watching them race back and forth.

another child with an organization type obsession ;)

Morning walk along the dam and creek. We didn't realize it was so pretty along there!

Nash fell in the water immediately before I took this photo. and Drew fell in immediately after. Of course I couldn't catch them in action ;)

Dave and the kids skipped all the rocks in the whole creek at this spot. Kidding! but Dave was pretty giddy that almost every single rock he picked up was skippable (that's not a word... oh well)  :)

We could sure use a weekend of absolutely nothing going on, but this was a great way to end the summer. Now on to school routines and football games and early bed times. I guess I can handle all that too :) hope everyone enjoyed their Labor Day weekend!

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