Tuesday, December 23, 2014

still here. kinda. sorta.

I've been going back and forth whether or not I want to continue blogging. Obviously, I'm doing a terrible job. Updating once a month is not what I intended when starting this blog. I'm not entirely sure what I intended for this blog when I began or what I intend for it now, but I might just take a break until the first of the year... yes, I realize that's only a couple weeks, but I'm going to attempt to put more thought into this blog over the next couple weeks and decide what I want to do here.

In the mean time, a few photos of the last couple months :)

Even though I asked him not to, Peyton is growing up, seemingly rapidly, but he is such a great big brother. Blessed!

many thanks to my mom for this photo. I'm so glad Dave is always willing to get a quick photo with me. this is probably one of my favorites :) this guy, this guy is my rock. that shine in his eyes... I'm glad he's mine forever.
Thanksgiving 2014

I've really been slacking with the photos lately, but as usual, we thoroughly enjoyed our Thanksgiving meal at my aunts. Makes me long for the deliciousness again! 
(good thing Christmas is in a couple days)

We celebrated a few birthdays since I last posted. Meg (Mega Meg, The Beast) turned 2! Following right along like the other kids, this girl has quite the personality. She makes me laugh and lose my patience daily. She, alone, is my true test of patience, but she is just the biggest joy. 
she's a professional with these faces

Our oldest daughter, Lia, turned 12. Twelllllvvvveeee. I can't even. She and Peyton are terrible listeners. Don't age I said, and no, nnnooo... they're ruining me.

She's such a great helper and so, SO wonderful with the little ones. Couldn't do this mom business without her.

and then there is Rowdy (also known as Drew). This girl is such a lover. She has a twinkle in her eye... *sigh* sentimental night... she turned 4. And I love her. Gosh, I love her.

obviously I love all of the kids, I didn't mean to single Drew out. this brown-eyed trouble maker holds a special place in my heart as well. he knows how to work those eyes too :)

oh nuts, Nashie man. he has perfected his smile :)

okay, I had a baby, but then... what happened?! I'm lost. 
He *was* little. I remember. I birthed him. and then he's sitting. and crawling. and throwing fitsssss (not cool, Will. not cool!) and eating everything off.the.floor. seriously, saving babies is NOT what I wanted to cross off my bucket list! see here... what else does he do? hmm, oh he climbs stairs. yes, that's not cool. cause he can't climb down stairs. he likes to smile. and laugh. and be tickled. and eat puffs. We haven't started solids routinely. He's had some... I can't remember which kinds. This is probably the latest we've gone with all the kids, buttt I have no excuse really. I'm just boycotting it, putting it off, being lazy... you pick ;)

so he's 8 months now. 8 months. 22 pounds. 4 teeth. and a partridge in a pear tree. kidding. I couldn't think of anything else.

Meg wants in on all the monthly photos of the kids. Dirty face and pants ad lib.

and Drew as well. but she's clothed more often.

I love this photo of Dave and Nash. Nash has needed a lot of time-outs adjustments as of late. Here Dave is giving him a little firm talking to. Maybe not firm enough judging by the smile on his face ;) but I still love the photo.

a new-to-Tayt teddy bear hat

sometimes we deem it a no-television-day (or week), and the kids do the craziest things... like play games. bogus. unheard of. I know. but I think it makes them smarter... we mayyy need to learn them how to play tic-tac-to... or is it toe... 

brothers don't shake hands... brothers gotta hug! (name that movie) ;)

there's a lot of blurry love happening here. kitchen dance party!

and on that note... see you on the flip side... in 2015! 
(or maybe before if I step up my game and decide I'll blog more often... doubtful...)
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