Tuesday, August 28, 2012

steam show to spark show

I didn't think I would say this, but I'm glad the weekend is over. I overestimated my abilities this weekend and was quite exhausted by Sunday. I thought I was going to be able to handle more serving time and enjoy more quality time spent serving with my crazy favorite neighbor. Not so much. I was beat. It did not help that I was not feeling the best the entire weekend. I would have liked a lot more extremely greasy, fattening cheese curds. And ice cream. And I completely skipped the cotton candy. But the shaved ice was a reasonable alternative treat.

Aside from not feeling well, I had a pretty good time. Walked through the flea market enough to purchase a nice, old rolling pin and a vintage camera.

my view for about 10 minutes of the weekend... I'm too slow :)
 one of many steam engines
 something they called the "spark show"
 enjoying Megan's Jeep on our drive out to work Sunday... easily pleased
 every year after the show is done, SBM puts on food for the workers and steam show friends
...usually anyone and everyone gets more of a share than the workers...
Thankful this only happens one weekend a year, but enjoyed it just the same :) until next year Steam Show!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

flea market and food stands

Tomorrow begins a long weekend of working for Dave's familys food stand at a local 'steam show.' Had it not been for marrying him, I'd never know something like this even existed. Little did I know I'd actually enjoy this said 'steam show' and even look forward to it every year. Just to clear one thing up, I'm not going for the 'steam show' but rather the massive flea market. Row upon row upon ROW of vintage goodies. eeeeeeeeeeppppppp. Excited! I have some birthday money to spend. And a photography tip... amazed I actually got a tip. MANY thanks! So we are off to the Steam Show early tomorrow morning to get some goodies and some food that I'm sure is terrible for my physique ;)

Check out more of the Steam Show here.

I thought I documented our 2011 adventures but on looking back I could only find 2010... goodness! So here are the fun times from 2010 Steam Show. Enjoy!

etsy Thursday

While putting this post together, I came to the realization that it would be more fun to find things I could possibly... maybe... sorta kinda... you know, buy. For instance, the ring. That right there is pushing a house payment. Some day I may consider it for a second to purchase something like that leisurely. For now... I'll stick to the clock and maybeeeee the afghan. IF I get all wild and crazy! Don't get me wrong... all of these things are magnificent and glorious but my children like food. Unfortunately. ;)

I bet it fits a million colored pencils for $35...

really liking this one though too

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

birthday weekend

What a busy week it has been!?! Everyone in the house (except Nash... and Dave) have gotten a flu bug. The bad part about the flu in this house... it takes a couple rounds to get through the entireeeee house. I'm using this as an excuse for my lack of posting in the last week. And we had a rough week (emotionally) aside from the sickness. Good friends of ours suffered a loss and maybe because of my state of being right now, but it hit me pretty hard. On a positive note, it brought us closer together and God has created some great best friends for both Dave and I out of this...silver lining...

After the week, this weekend is justttt what we needed. My birthday ;) kidding. We went to my cousin's wedding on Saturday. Visited with family from all over that we rarely get to see. Lots of laughs. And mostly wishing we had more time to spend together. Luckily, there will be another wedding *CONGRATS again* within the year and *crossing fingers* we'll be able to travel to Florida... let the saving pennies begin!

our view at the cabin

excited Peyton

wishing the boys luck and saying I love you's :)
Luke - Peyton - Tayt
Peyton and Lia
skipping rocks was a big hit 
photo courtesy of Mallory
another photo courtesy of Mallory
this almost 14yr old fella got in on the rock skipping as well :)

Everyone had a great time this weekend, and it makes me wish we did it more often and stayed longer. I also wish I got out in the boat or made Dave paddle my big butt around for a bit :) enjoy more photos over on Casey's blog. Apparently I'm slacking on taking photos :)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

guest post!

So I made a huge leap and got outside my box/comfort zone on this one, but I offered to do a guest post for a blog I frequent... andddddd yesterday 'buffaloes&butterflies' was featured on Milk-Friendly. (I mentioned Maryam in a post earlier this year, and I'm still lovin' up on those plants!)

Go check it out here!

Monday, August 13, 2012

etsy Monday

Looks as though today is going to be a rainy day. Fitting for the mood around here. A quick post to catch up on my growing etsy likes favorites folder.

Maybe this could be a kids project...

If I owned/wore more jewelry, I would need something like this.


I've been collecting 'vintage' Pyrex dishes, and I think these would fit in nicely around here.

My love for homeschooling...

Drew is still teething, right?! ;)

Austyn would love to take her imaginary lunches to school in these bags.

Not the color scheme in my office, but pretty darn neat.

Thursday, August 9, 2012


Today started as a great day. I had an OB appointment in the morning. We were all up and out the door early. Dropped off a client's photo disc. And we were to my appointment early. Felt good. I'm not sure where the day headed south. Maybe it's just hormones. Nothing has felt to be going right since then. Nash opened his neon green bottle of paint in the store. I walked in it without realizing and tracked it through an entire aisle. Nap time went smoothly (for the kids), but I don't sleep well any more and woke up crabby... Any form of resting has been rough... maybe that's my problem. No idea. And I hate to be whining... butttt that was my day. Dave is putting the kids to bed and I'm trying to take some deep breaths. It may be working. I have a feeling this night will end with mint bonbon...

... and of course this will brighten my night. Drew blabbing before bed last night. I have a feeling no one else will be able to understand her in this video but she issssss starting to talk quite a bit. My baby :(

Her two newest things: the hands to go with 'where'dhego?' and sitting down disgusted and crossing her arms... too much cuteness!

Praying for a better day tomorrow... lots of nesting ideas and projects running through my head! (cleaning off those benches and repainting the window sill are absolutely on the list)  :)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

daily Smith fashion

This little gem was forgotten on one of my memory cards from June. Oops! I really should start trying to capture some of the other kids' in the daily Smith fashion posts. Mostttt of the time they're equally as cute ;)
Drew (18 months):
Shirt: hand-me-down Old Navy from Lia and Austyn
Capri's: yet another hand-me-down Old Navy from Lia and Austyn

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Last week Thursday Dave and I took the night off and went to watch REO Speedwagon play at a local fair. I'm not gonna lie... I didn't know much of the music. While the name is quite familiar, I had to check youtube for some of the music. And of course, I only knew a few songs. Regardless, we had a pretty nice time. And I'm all about food nowadays so the food was probably the highlight of my night :)

While we didn't know much of the music, some fun needed to be had... I passed my time by searching for mullets. Apparently this was the fad in those days...
The bottom two fellas... serious about it.  :)
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