Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Saturday chaos

My Saturday mornings used to be spent transcribing for 4 hours (2 before the kids got up and 2 after) you can imagine, this usually didn't go so well. Kids apparently need to eat. Need to be supervised. Need lots and lots and lots of attention. A few weeks ago while attempting to transcribe, I took a break to find this going on in the house...

Austyn is on the counter in the cabinet looking for... who knows what!

Drew is sitting on the bathroom floor playing with Austyn's princess cards...

and Lia (in charge...) is taking a bath. with Nash. and soon to follow - Drew.

nothing accomplished transcribing this particular morning...
BUT 3/6 clean kiddos = bonus!

As for Peyton and Tayt... I'm guessing they were out of "trouble" this particular morning, but I can't promise that.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

etsy Tuesday

This etsy edition is slightly jewelry heavy. *Not* sure why but I'm loving these necklaces, love lots of necklaces, AND find myself very rarely changing my necklaces... ugh. Nonetheless, I may have fallen in love with them...allllll of them!  ;)

Double Strand Silver Locket Necklace  (sold - but this one is $25)

Disclaimer: I have no fashion sense at all so anything posted on this blog... from here on out... I have not sought any professional (aka... my sistas) advice for. I'm sure their *gasping* in horror as they read this. BUT this looks comfy and the tighty pants I've been forced to wear repeatedly (sorry MEGAN!) would love it if my back side was covered with this top. :)

I know this says wedding pant suit... I knowwww I couldn't pull this off... but there was something about it that caught my eye. I also know I have NO idea where I would wear it.

I've been eyeing something like this up for quite some time... maybe even this exact pair. These are definitely on my list... someday. soon. *favorited*

Warning: THIS etsy shop... is rocking my world. Don't go there if you know what's good for your wallet ;) but go there because it's adorable. Another disclaimer... this was a random etsy shop find. I'm not being paid or given anything to send you that way. 

(Casey... adorable!) oh no... another and another ... I can't be stopped!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

joy(s) of a big family

Let me start by saying, do not judge ;)  but one of the benefits of living in a large family sometimes involves going without things. And I say this is a benefit because much of my life is spent with things I do not need. In fact, I try to minimize and simplify my life quite a bit. My only hope is I'm teaching my children some of this same quality... and they agree it is a benefit. Someday...

This afternoon I went to pick Tayt (5) up from his last day of preeeee-kindergarten. Casey and Homer were visiting so they stayed with Nash and Drew so I could run quick and get T. Casey let me borrow her vehicle for the ride. This is a luxury in itself... in comparison to our "large family vehicle(s)." I went to the school, waited a couple minutes for T, and then back out to Casey's car. He's always curious as to what I'm driving, where we're going, who's at our house, where the kids are, are we going to the shop... and on and on and on. The child is very curious ;) I told him we were driving Casey's vehicle, she was watching the kids so I could get him, and we would all make it through this. ANYway... our next conversation went a little like this...

Tayt:  Did you leave the windows open in here?  (referring to the car... it's also 85 degrees in Colby, Wisconsin today)

Mom:  No...

Tayt:  It's cold...

Mom:  Air conditioning, Tayt. It's supposed to be nice and cold. Nice, huh!?!

Tayt:  ... silence ... (in obvious awe)



Wednesday, May 23, 2012

daily Smith fashion

This child... I know I say this for each and every one of them, but I am in awe once again at the personaility displayed in this little one. My sister, Casey, came up with the nickname 'Rowdy' when we were visiting the Mall of America this spring and it stuck. And if there were one word I would use to describe Drew... that would be it. Rowdy!
Drew (almost 1-1/2):
Sweater: gifted from Casey (winter 2010 Target... I think... can't find online)
Romper: hand-me-down from Lia and Austyn Carter's (couldn't find this one either...but Drew might need this!)

Monday, May 21, 2012

etsy Monday

It's getting warmer out... anddddd I'm running out of excuses as to why I haven't blogged as much as I've been wanting. Trying to make some transitions around here... trying! And it's making me rather feisty. Here are a few pretties and goodies that have been waiting to be posted.

Three. Hundred. AND. Seventy-Five dollas. I have no words. But maybe I could rig something like this up on my own... add it to the project list.
Rotary Revial $375

This would be rather fabulous in the entry way.
Green Vintage Metal Lockers $400

... and now I need to run out and get some really nice fabric in every color imaginable and make myself some of these. I will wear them ALL summer... everyyyyy day!
mesa skirt $100

Infinity Bracelet $26.50

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

daily Smith fashion

As the weather warms up, the kids start wearing less clothing... especially the older ones who dress themselves. It took me a bit to convince Nash I was *only* taking a photo of his "new shoes." He did stand there long enough for me to get a few.

Nash (2):
Panties: hand-me-downs... yes, I know... they've seen their day
Sneaks: DC (birthday gift from Aunt Mallory) also known as his "new shoes"


A couple weeks ago the kids and I headed over an hour south of here for a surprise birthday party for my Grandpa Z. Eighty! I only pray I look this good when I'm 80. :) Happy belated birthday Grandpa!

A lot of the adults did some gambling, but the kids had a great time in the pool. They were all asleep for the entire ride home. Quiet! :)

almost all the great-grandchildren

again, we outnumbered  :)
Nash didn't want to take the photo(s).
I think Austyn is bracing his head here... or something...

Monday, May 7, 2012

daily Smith fashion

This may be the lamest daily Smith fashion in history but seriously, how cute is this child. I mostly love her pony in this (very short) series ;)

Drew (16 months):
Shirt: ruched-shoulder tee from Old Navy (not the exact as this one was passed down from Lia... &Austyn)

band-aids are from her 15mo check and vaccinations   :(

Thursday, May 3, 2012

etsy Thursday

Add another love to the list... typewriters. They're comin' back around ;)

Who doesn't need one of these in their kitchen...come on... amazing!  And THEN I took a peak at the price and decided my knives and cookbooks are justttttt fine where they are ;)

I love you old globes!  (I apologize but the link for the globe does not work. Apparently it was removed as I was posting this... errr... sorry!)

I have a suitcase similar to this that I purchased at an estate sale last summer across the road from our house. I think I paid $5 for mine, but I would take this one as well.

dressing myself

Giving Polyvore a go... I'm not much of a fashionista. Realistically, not anything at all for fashion. I do like to dress nice, but my budget and lack of fashion knowledge usually shut me down during any shopping outings and days when I'm attempting to dress myself. Here is my first attempt at putting something together... eeek :)

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