Wednesday, July 31, 2013

daily Smith fashion

Austyn (8):
Tee: hand-me-down from the best neighbor ever
LS Tee: PS from Aeropostale - similar
Skinnies: Target jeans
Boots: hand-me-downs from Lia (possibly)
Bag: Shopko messenger bag (also learned a lesson that mom is right when it comes to choosing backpacks... this one *will* hurt your should and back)

Sneaking a daily Smith fashion in before the next Florida post. Consider it teaching patience ;)

also, I think these photos are from this winter past. I'm certain this girl has grown at least an inch in the last 6 months and will most likely need a complete new wardrobe for school... yikes!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

17 hours and at least 6 potty breaks: Florida bound

The temperature in Wisconsin right now is 51. I turned my heater on for the night. *insert me crying uncontrollably* ;)  St Petersburg, FL 'feels like' 92 right now... at 11:22pm. I'm a little bitter about Wisconsin at the moment...  

We left Florida on Monday after being there since the Friday before. The highs while we were there were in the mid to high 90s. Writing this post is making me miss Florida SO bad... who am I kidding... every time I think about the wonderfulness that was Florida is making me miss being there. We had *such* a great time! So I'll rewind a bit...

Because one of my strongest characteristics is procrastination, I thought about packing for at least 2 weeks before our trip...and then packed the day before we left. All day! I'll give myself a little credit. I had all the laundry in the entire house caught up for those 2 weeks in preparation for the packing that would ensue to make things a little easier on myself. Packing for 9 is quite a task, but way easier to pack summer clothes. After only a couple trips for multiple nights, I have this packing thing down to a science.

And then I had to pack/organize/clean out my purse for the trip as well. Made for a pretty photo op, although the 'stuff' in my purse isn't nearly as fun as some purses I've seen. 
Yes, that's a dinosaur on the far right...

Dave took the day off Wednesday (I almost cried when he told me this... so nice), and we spent the entire day organizing luggage, dividing goodies for each van (we borrowed 2, one from our wonderful neighbor/Dave's aunt and the other from Dave's mother... thank you BOTH so much!), packing coolers, and making sure we weren't forgetting anything.

Drew testing the headphones for movies - these were magical!
 some excited more than others for the next 17hr drive

Nash starting to lose the battle

Forgive me for the abundance of scenery photos, and I apologize for not remembering what cities these were, but I love the landscape of large cities. Just something about them!

The fog Thursday morning bright and early was eerie yet beautiful. Hard to capture a good photo in a moving vehicle, but I did my best.

After the trip up this mountain pass and then back down through the fog, there was some sort of accident on the freeway. A nitrogen tank truck overturned causing a massive back up. And of course, with no gas stations or rest areas in the near future, Nash had to potty. Immediately. We winged it. Ended up at this grocery store somewhere... miles off the freeway... in Tennessee, I believe. The woman probably thought we were the oddest foreigners she had ever seen... and the feeling was mutual... I'm not sure she had ever used the restroom she sent us to... 'take a left. a right. and then another left.'  What she failed to mention was the 'duck your head' and 'you'll be almost out the back door' to find this place... I'm blaming Casey for not taking her phone in to take a photo of this place. She always has her phone! Would have made for a better story ;)

see all the way up there...still backed up

our view for awhile (1 mile in 15 minutes)
Instagram version

The first drive through the night was a little rough. Dave and I both stayed awake. Dave driving. Me quizzing him with Tommy Boy trivia and anything NFL related. Let me just tell you, I now know a little more than I wanted to know about both of those topics. I also came to know my husband is quite knowledgeable in NFL facts. Rather ridiculous actually and ultimately quite impressive!

We came to realize driving during the day is a bit easier than through the middle of the night. A full night of sleep makes day driving even easier. Unfortunately, the closer we got to our stop in Georgia for the day (and pool) :) and a full nights rest, the more tired we got. Here's where I'm going to break for now. Between my camera and my phone, I took well over 400 photos... oops! So to save you a night of reading, I'm going to break it up into a few posts. The better photos are coming, I promise! ;)

Friday, July 26, 2013


"a portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013"
Peyton: blurry cannon ballllllll
Lia: odd face stage
Austyn: those eyes
Tayt: kids gonna be a lady slayer
Nash: attitude
Drew: always smiling
Meg: perfecting her scowl

Unfortunately after this post I need to skip ahead in my 52 of 2013 series. I got myself way behind somehow. Florida didn't help. BUT there are some great photos to come from our trip. No promises I got individual photos of the kids though. Yes, I failed. But in all honesty, the only thing on my mind while in Florida was getting them to this beautiful beach. Mission accomplished!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

back to it

We're back from a wonderful road trip to Flor-eeeee-duh! What a fabulous time!? So much to share. So little time. I have two weddings and a senior photo session to edit. The house is a mess. Luggage all over the place. BUT I promised myself to get back to more regular blogging and making myself smarter after this trip. So... for now you get to look at this one pretty photo from our trip with more to come soon. I promise!

Thursday, July 11, 2013


"a portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013"
Peyton: either the Smith or the Zimmerman stance... haven't decided which yet.
Lia: broke her water balloon on herself.
Austyn: relaxin.
Tayt: droolin.
Nash: tan blondie.
Drew: always asking to play on our phones.
Meg: monstering duckie's face.

Summer is in full swing here. With that, less time in the house. We stay in the house justtttt long enough in the mornings to get it relatively clean and to keep Dave happy, some laundry. After that... lots of pool time, time in the sun, playing, you name it!
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