Tuesday, June 10, 2014

puddle o' fun

We have some sort of flat piece of cement in the back yard flush with the grass, tilted just slightly, that collects water whenever it rains. We've had some warm weather with some rain in the last couple weeks and this is what happens... if there is water, they will find it... 

Nash getting some air...

There was sleeping involved...

We shall call her Hair Blows in the Wind... or The Beast
this face says it all

and then Powder showed up... *super* excited to play!

Nash showed him how to sleep.

I'm not sure what this syndrome is... big bellies, big heads... sickly looking children ;)

Rowdy bellllllayyyy!

these photos obviously need no caption.

and then we all laid down for bed. Good night.

little Will(ie)

My baby is just shy of 10 weeks old. He's turning into a real ham. Flirting. Cooing. Talking. Smiling. The whole works. He's also becoming quite the chub. Not surprising, he's following right along with the rest of the crew. Maybe even at the top of the growth curve as far as Smith kids go. He has an appointment next week, and I'm curious to see how much he weighs.

I've heard many times over that by the time families get to the youngest child, there are fewer and fewer photos of that child. I don't think that will be the case. I have a hard time stopping taking photos of any of the kids. It's a problem really ;) my hard drive is hating me!

and then he was done with me... ;)

Monday, June 2, 2014


I was all ready to sit down and write up a 52 of 2014 post. Not to catch up, but just to do one. And then Tayt... I forgot Tayt. So here's a photo of our pretty tulips (sooc). They're long gone now. We're watching for the peonies now. BUT the purpose of this post... nothing really other than stating the obvious. Lots of life has been happening here. Everything is a little greener. Everyone is a little healthier. We've been spending time outside a lot. Mostly enjoying the weather. Photo sessions are picking up. I'd like to say my blog posting will pick up, but I have editing to do already... another session Sunday, a wedding next weekend... so really, my time is almost nonexistent. Story of my life. 

so much to do, sssooo little time. 

Butttt I'm trying to enjoy every bit of time with these little kiddos before they grow up and become a freshman... Peyton! don't get me started about where that time has gone :(

I hope all you Wisconsinites are enjoying the beautiful weather!
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