Wednesday, June 30, 2010


doesn't get much better than that

forever topic of conversation

Be it as it may, Dave and I will forever be asked "Are you done yet?" "Are you crazy?" "Are you retarded?" "How many are you having?" and on, and on, and on.... This series of questions never surprises me and occurs at any given time, pregnant or not. While I would love to put everyone's mind at ease, I don't have an answer. Answering that question would require that I know what the future holds... and I don't. No guarantees either way. I know this scares the hell out of a lot, a lot of our family and friends but... we are indeed "crazy" I guess. In all honesty, it scares me as well and ending the pregnancy days of my life would mean we're moving on to something else and that too scares me...whatever it may be.

Having said that... meet the latest addition to our family - Baby #6. I've had wayyyy better ultrasound shots than this one but... it'll do. In what looks like a moon there is a tiny head at the top and body underneath it. This was taken over 7 weeks ago in the beginning of the pregnancy when you can't really tell what things are... they tell me it's a baby. and there's only oneeeeee. Whew! My next ultrasound (with the good pictures) is at the end of July and we will not be finding out. (sorry Mom) :)

Due date: December 12, 2010

Monday, June 28, 2010

Madagascar Man

This past Saturday was a very busy day...softball tournament, golf outing for one of our friends who passed away a few years ago, and a birthday party/croquet 'tournament.'

I think last year was the first time Dave participated in the croquet and became 'Champion.' He thought it would be funny to make 2 shirts, "Backyard Croquet - 2009 Champion" and another "Backyard Croquet - 2010 Champion." He has been wearing the "2009 Champion" shirt everywhere and has been so excited about the second shirt that we could NOT miss this year's birthday party...even for softball!

While Dave is very much focused on the croquet, this little man is celebrating his birthday...
She wasn't sure about me :)
The photos that follow involve a lot of strategizing, focus, and sheer determination. No one was hurt during this intense game but tears may have been shed.
Congratulations to the new Champion!

... the winning shot!

We had lots of fun and got home way too late. (Thanks again for all the great food and company!) Naps were a must Sunday and there was little to no protest. Tayt was sleeping before I could get Nash to sleep! Looking forward to the next time we get everyone together. :)

one down - lots more to go

One of the first carnivals in our area made a grand entrance a couple weekends ago and we made the mistake of mentioning it to the kids. Nah. It wasn't so bad. Who doesn't love hot, sweaty carnie workers?! The kids enjoyed the rides as usual. Peyton and Lia are taking a liking more and more to the faster rides. Thank you Casey and Jake!
Notice the Smith stance in the photos below. I have passed something on to my children, the Zimmerman chicken legs. Too funny!

Friday, June 25, 2010


When this little girl was born and through the first year of her life, I was certain she was going to be my very sensitive girly-girl...I am completely convinced, without a doubt, I was entirely wrong about this one. The older she gets, the more and more she's turning in to my tomboy...more like her mom.

Yesterday was Lia's turn to join her dad at work. He's a butcher. To say she loved it would be an understatement. Dad brought her home and immediately she came to my office cupping her hands over her eye. Injuries in this house do not surprise me any more so I just sat there... and then she put her hands down to reveal this...

Don't change Miss Lia. You rock!
(indeed... a real 'live' cow eyeball in her hand)

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Trying to keep a daily routine in our house the first weeks of summer is nearly impossible. This year Peyton is in baseball again, Lia again is in softball, and Austyn now started T-ball. Peyton is either practicing or playing 3 nights a week and the girls play 2 nights of the week. All this in addition to Dave's softball career and there are literally no nights of the week left. We've been enjoying the rain cancellations the last few weeks so we can actually spend some time together as a family... and do nothing!

Despite all these ball schedules, we try to keep up with a bedtime routine. As you can imagine, getting 5 kids to sleep at the same time is nearly impossible. Just to give you an idea, this is how we like to close the nights... pajamas, all kids to the couch for prayers, kids give each other hugs, kisses for mom, vitamins, drinks before bed, and dad tucks everyone in while mom checks her email and facebook... oops... while mom keeps Nash busy. Yes. That's my job :)

Now anyone who has been here for this adventure knows it does not go as smoothly as that just sounded and you also know I left out the yelling, slapping, laughing, break downs, tickling sessions, and crying.

By 5 kids you've seen, done, and heard almost everything. While Dave and I are well aware of all the things we'll go through during this bedtime routine, the 3rd and 4th born believe this is the first time dad and mom are hearing this... and the next 2 hours are filled with some of the following (also in addition to the yelling, slapping, laughing, break downs, tickling sessions, and crying)...

*I'm scared.
*I'm tired.
*I'm hungry.
*You didn't give me a kiss.
*You didn't give me a hug.
*I need another drink.
*Is it night out?
*My toe/foot/finger/arm/head/eye hurts.
*Can I have an ice pack?
*Can you wake me up in the morning before you go to work?
*Can I sleep with you?
*Can I sleep on the couch?
*Can I sleep on the floor in your room?
*Can I sleep with Peyton/Lia?
*I'm hot.
*I'm cold.
*Can I have some medicine?
*I have to go potty.
*Is Grandma coming to watch us tomorrow?
*When will Grandma be here tomorrow?
*Can I give Nash a kiss?
*Is it raining?

Feel free to use this for future reference with your own children. Beware: they do not go down without a fight. Even when you do give them medicine. ;)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

fun iPhone application

fI've been wanting to show off this iPhone application for awhile now. It's called Hipstamatic and costs $1.99 (one time fee). While there is a camera application on the phone originally, this addition is well worth the $1.99. Definitely something fun to play with when you're bored and with this phone, you'll never be bored. Ever.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

the "new" house - more

This photo shows half the yard from the far south corner of the lot. There is lots more! My Dad is excited for the kill ball games he can play in the field more south of this. Right in the middle of this photo is one of two apple trees that Jake and Dad are claiming from each other. Let the battle begin. :)

These are just a few photos of the finer details of the house. Almost all the interior doors in the house have these knobs which totally rock! The beautiful bright green marble coats the entry and bathroom while the tiled looking laminate is in the kitchen and dining room. The rest of the house has wood flooring which again I am in love with. We don't care to invest too much in this house but I wouldn't mind seeing the bright green marble flooring covered with something else. We'll see what the landlord has to say about that. :)

good company

Mallory, Courtney, Megan, Casey

This last weekend we indulged in a night out with the ladies and Courtney had too many appetizers... 3. Oops! I couldn't help myself and they were well worth it. This is a photo of the Zimmerman Girls (minus a cousin... why didn't we get that shot... ?? hmmm) after quite a few candid shots while laughing at Casey. Fun times were had by all! We need to do this more often but I think the next one will be a spaghetti and wine night.
A big thanks to Royal Tokyo for the glorious food!

Monday, June 21, 2010


Happy (belated) Father's Day to someone who couldn't be a better dad to my children. He was made to be a great dad and proves it to me daily... the photo below is Dave making our breakfast on Father's Day morning.
Now that is dedication! :)
In my defense, he did play a couple games of softball on his day so he wasn't slaving away the entire day.

Friday, June 18, 2010


A happy family is but an earlier heaven.
~George Bernard Shaw

the "new" house - sleeping quarters

And here is the upstairs to the "new" house. As you can see... wood floors!!! of which I forgot to lick yesterday... kidding! I'm in love with them. There are 4 bedrooms upstairs and we're still undecided who is going where so that will have to be in the 'after' shots of the house when we're moved in. Each room has a fairly nice sized closet but the room with the girls pictured in it has a little bigger closet that you can walk in.
Sooo... Mom might just throw a fit and get that room...
This dark room is the room Peyton will have but seems to be protesting. I think he's under the impression we're leaving it as is with this super cool paint job...

This is another of the built-ins upstairs. It's huge! I'm sure it won't take long to find something to fill it with.
There's also a built-in at the top of the stairs in the next photo.

I don't want to know who will be the first to fall down these stairs.
Let's hope it's the dog!
That concludes photos of the house itself. There is a HUGE yard at this house... acres and acres... just teasing! I'm not offering to mow this yard though. We'll call that the man's 'job.' Stay tuned. More to come. :)

the "new" house - main level

storage in entrance
very open kitchen
dining room off kitchen

living room off dining room

small but cute bathroom
stairs just off the kitchen
And here begins the many, many "remodeling" photos of the "new" old house. Until we sell our house, we'll just be painting and fixing this old beauty up. There is much to do in both houses but I'm very excited and I'm certain I can say the same for the kids. Let's just say... bedrooms have been called! Peyton will be getting his own room and he's okay with that, although we get to choose which one and he's not okay with that. But... Mom rules. You lose. Too bad. :) The joys of parenting.
Also... not to be left hanging, I did take way too many photos of the house so there will be more to come shortly. There is a glorious upstairs that I will add in a bit. I absolutely love the character and built-ins we're gaining from this move so you will get to see more! Enjoy :)
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