Thursday, September 27, 2012

daily Smith fashion

I have a hard time NOT taking photos of this little lady. And she's sssooo good about doing these daily Smith fashion shoots. She goes right to her 'mark' and then the rest is history :)

Drew (20 months):
Shirt: hand-me-down Children's Place from Lia and Austyn
Overalls: thrifted Osh Kosh B'gosh

Sunday, September 23, 2012

etsy Sunday

Lots of randoms for today's etsy post...

IF we ever build a home, this would be kind of neat over a kitchen island or even over the kitchen table since our table needs to be massive!

Another vintage love.

Neat chair for photos as well as the house.

The girls would LOVE these nails.

My parents have an old pencil sharpener and it always created the perfect tipped pencil. Need me one!

Fun luggage to take to the hospital :)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

u-rah-rah-rah Peyton!

Peyton's middle school (gasp) football and Lia's cheerleading are well under way. Running for practices and games has officially begun...not complaining because we live in town and it's not sssooo bad. I'm most thankful their games are on different days so we don't have to juggle that for the time being.

Lia seems to be enjoying the cheerleading. Not going to lie... I thought for sure this would bore her... maybe next year she'll decide to do something else. She is pretty darn cute though :)
closest row. third from the right.
 this one should always be caged...

Last week we were watching Peyton's game in summer clothes. This week we broke out the winter coats. :( Photos below we are enjoying last weeks game. This week Peyton caught a pass and made his first TOUCHDOWN of the season. Dave and I were *extremely* excited. There may have been yelling and standing and clapping involved. We might be thoseeee parents...
Peyton is #20.   Mostly The Follower ;)
Drew may be the aggressive child in this house.

daily Smith fashion

Obviously these girls have no problem participating in the daily Smith fashion series. I should probably ask them more often...

With the combination of school starting and the weather getting colder, this series may be more scarce than it already is... ugh... cold weather. I'm definitely not ready for the changing seasons.

Lia's new face... crossing her eyes. Intelligent looking.
Lia (almostttttt 10):
Tank: thrifted Gap
Shorts: Mossimo Target brand that obviously need to be passed down to Austyn
Socks: no idea...
Shades: Steam Show flea market purchase

Austyn (7):
Dress:Faded Glory Walmart brand
Sweater: also Faded Glory Walmart brand
Shoes: these Cherokee Target heels have seen their day... wowza!
Shades: another Steam Show flea market purchase (see above)

Monday, September 17, 2012

thirty-SEVEN weeks

Following suit with the last post, I'm borderline freaking out. Okay, not really... just coming to the realization this baby IS coming. And soon. My doc mentioned today I'm "full term." I may or may not have given him the look...

I've been terrible with my own personal maternity photos but here are the most recent shots. Thirty-seven weeks today but 36 in the photos...
and there she be... my growing belly and a neglected toy room (most likely the product of the growing belly)  (:

bringin' it on home

I mayyyyy have come to the realization a baby will be coming in only a few short weeks. Key words... may and weeks...

I may also have come to the realization I should probably dress this baby in something to bring it home.

Wait... I mostly came to the first realization. We're. Having. A. Baby. I'm giving birth...a seventh time. Seven. Children. 

Breathe in. Breathe out. Complete craziness. Again! :)

AND back to reality... I'm now searching for a baby bring home sleeper if the thing is a girl. I have the leftover boy sleeper from when we had Drew and it's cute enough to use again if this one's a boy, but I'm feeling "girl" lately so we shall see. And obviously I'll need a girl sleeper!

Here are some of my favorites...

quite possibly my favorite :)

another favorite, although I wish it had feet on it... hmm...

and this Kohl's Zebra Sleep and Play that I couldn't save the photo for (oh well). All of these are good possibilities. We shall see! Dave doesn't care too much so I might show him and then make the final decision :)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

all 4 together

The first day(s) of school...*sigh*
The first couple days were rough for me. I felt lonely. Yes, Nash and Drew were here, but they're... slightly quieter. Ha! That's kind of a joke. They definitely made up for the other 4 being gone. Most every one we know would call me crazy, but having fourrrrr gone to school made me a little sad.

Fast forward to this week. We're totally cool. House clean every day. Laundry done. Laying down and relaxing during nap time almost daily. I can handle this for sure. I think these days may just be preparation for the baby soon to come. And I'll take it! I don't mind the house being slightly quieter :)

ANYway... the four big kids are finally together in one school. They all attend our local private Catholic school and for the first time ever, they have a kindergarten program. Tayt is now in kindergarten and I'm ssssoooo happy they're all together.
Tayt very excited for the first day
and then the pick up after school. you can't tell, but he was excited still :)

The first day of school comes and goes so fast, not unlike everything else around here, but we had an uneventful first week and I'm feeling confident in our developing routine. Now just wishing I could would keep up on the ridiculous amazing amount of paperwork I get to handle weekly!

Here's to a great school year!

Monday, September 10, 2012


We spent our Labor Day harvesting corn. Husking. Cooking. Getting it off the cob. Bagging. AND vacuum packing... fun times! The kids got involved so they weren't running around like crazy animals, and they may have enjoyed parts of the helping...

Homer the Husker
he helped with the husking. and he looks slightly like mini Me here...

cooking of the corn

ice cream was had

removing corn from the cob

bagging and vacuum packing our final product
Our freezer still has corn from last year but we use it a lottttt so I'm not worried. We should be fine for the winter :) thanks crazy neighbor for the plentiful stock!

last weekend of summer

All I asked for was an uneventful, long, relaxxxxxxing weekend. Not such a large request really... chaos of packing aside, getting out of the house wasn't so bad. Getting set up at the campground may have been chaotic. Finally sitting down and enjoying the campfire... bliss!
campsite by day
 campsite by night
I would love to do this afternoon again. What a beautiful day to sit at the beach!?! To say the kids love the water would be an understatement. Drew watched in awe for a bit while a little boy who looked to be just a few months younger than her screamed in horror of the water while his dad tried to 'play' with him in it. Quite the sight :)
 pals taking a break
I think I'll call her a beach baby from now on. Drew absolutely loved it... until the very brief dunk she encountered after walking in too far. Scary moment! But she had little fear the next trip to the beach so I'm not too worried.
finding the most comfortable position on the beach perhaps...

Saturday proved to be the eventful day of the weekend. I never claim to know everything about raising children and yet again, I've learned something new. Our first stitches, folks! The kids biked nonstop almost the entire weekend (very close to our campsite after 'the incident'), but Tayt had an incident with another biker that lead us to the emergency room nearby. (other biker gal is completely fine... elbow scrapes) Head on collision/front tires collided. What he's telling me was a handlebar to the cheek. And I believe him because he had NO road rash from the pavement on his body and no other scratches or bruises. Couldn't have happened to a better kid... he's seriously the toughest. Never cried when I had him. The following photos are a little gruesome so beware... (I left out the photo of the gaping wound)
"I got 3 things today... gum, glasses, and stitches."
We stopped for some Tylenol after his ER visit and he got gum and glasses :)
The kid is tough, no doubt.

Our Sunday was spent back and forth lounging at the beach and more at the campsite.
 Austyn building a sand castle
 movie on the beach... Tayt, Dave, and Nash enjoying... er... some enjoying...
Monday was mostly packing up and heading home early. There was corn in the garden that needed to be 'harvested' ... more to come on that as well. All in all, we had a pretty good weekend. Bummer holiday weekends go so fast but glad to enjoy them with family. Hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend as well!

HUGE thanks to our 'crazy neighbor' for everything. We really did have a great time!
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