Thursday, June 30, 2011

daily Smith fashion

Another willing participant!!!

Yesterday Tayt wore these gloves for a good part of the afternoon. Quite the fascination... We would not let him leave the house in these for Peyton's game  but he quickly forgot. :)
(and we made him wear a shirt and shoes)

Shorts: hand-me-downs from Peyton
Gloves: hand-me-downs from Peyton

be healthy, be happy

SOMEone left her camera on the entire day yesterday after taking her daily Smith fashion photo and is now waiting for the battery to fully charge so yesterdays photo will be up "soon."  Oops!

Innnnn the meantime... Dave has been expressing his disgust in his weight so I thought I'd join along. Ha! and I suppose there was that darn resolution (see #4) I made at the beginning of 2011 that I should adhere to...

Just yesterday Casey e-mailed me a link where she found this exercise program (originally at Downtownn) and I feel the need to share. This has kick-started my ambition to get active this summer. Or for the next 60 days. A couple suggestions...complete these exercises outdoors or with ample surrounding space AND wear a bra. Just sayin'...

I'll be excited to make it through this alive!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

it takes balls

This last weekend was the annual croquet tournament with the B family (and a birthday party for B) :) This is one party I need not beg Dave to go to. He is ALL about winning the tournament and then wearing the prize around the rest of the afternoon. Both Dave and Peyton made it to the 2nd round... yes, there are rounds now... serious business. They have a good time and it's quite hilarious to watch. Lots of strategy going on! Can't wait to see what Dave comes up with for a t-shirt next year. :)
(previous Champion brings a new t-shirt to the next tournament)

Let's just call this what it is... domination.

2011 Champion shirt

JUST teasing! We were also there to celebrate this little man's 6th birthday. My kids slept beautifully after playing nonstop with the B children all afternoon. Thanks again for having us and we can't wait until next year!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

daily Smith fashion

My apologies for the delay in the daily Smith fashion. Let's see... my excuse... well... nice weekend + cleaning + Nash + fever + crabby beast + laundry (always) = bad excuse... ANY way! This was a week ago but my intentions were the same when I took these photos. AND since we don't leave the house except for church and sometimes partays and there is only ONE child at the moment willing to endure the wrath of my camera, I haven't had a chance to capture any more majestic Smith fashion. I'll continue working on that! Without further ado...

Tank: hand-me-down from Lia
Infamous Skirt: Hasbro at Target (also featured here and probably many more to come)
Shoes: NO idea (and I can't convince her NOT to wear them)
(knotted shirt again courtesy of Austyn)

Shirt: hand-me-down (thanks cousin, Letreo)
Pants: Children's Place (discontinued style)

I'll also find a more majestic backdrop  ;)

Monday, June 27, 2011

must have polka dots

Another addition I've been meaning to make to this blog was the before and after photos of the old new house. I've "featured" before/after photos of the toy room previously but honestly completely forgot to move on to the rest of the house... mainly because there are still things in boxes and some of the rooms don't feel completely done to me, but... terrible, I know... and I hate it! So... here it is, the cleanest room in the house... but maybe not on this day :)

This is Tayt and Nash's room. While neither of those children were sleeping in this room 6 months ago when we moved in, they are both sleeping in there now. Every other day. Sometimes. I tease! Almost every night they sleep in there ;)

Of note, we are still in the process of thinking about curtains for all rooms.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

daily Smith fashion

Today's fashion started when I asked everyone... "who's going to let me take their picture today!?" and everyone scattered... kidding! Although the only one who got dressed to leave the house today was this little lady. Imagine that!

Onesie: Carters at Target
Capri's: Old Navy hand-me-down from Lia (lotsa use out of those!)

Shirt: Circo at Target
Skirt: Hasbro at Target
Tights: Walmart
Shoes: again Payless
(hair courtesy of Mom and knotted shirt courtesy of Austyn)

Okay, so I didn't do such a great job on links with these... but oh. my. goodness... do NOT go to the Carter's website. It's wayyyyy too cute. Dave might be a little mad...

productive 2+ hours... so there!

Okay... since some of you doubt my cleaning and organizing capabilities, I'm adding this as further proof that I did get something done the other night while cleaning my office ... besides all the Internet blog browsing and shopping... so there!  na na na na boo boo!

Okay, so the floor isn't clean yet... shut it! ;) concentrate on the counterrrrrr...and also take notice that my wonderful husband put up my cork board for me. He loves me! (even after I made him move it half an inch to the left... I tease! I made sure to draw lines EXACTLY where I wanted it before he started. You know... just in case he was confused on how I wanted it CENTERED!) ;)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

daily Smith fashion

Day 2 of daily Smith fashion and another faithful participant. Although this was taken a couple days ago, I'm going to use it just the same. Also... not all the children are as willing as Austyn to get their photo taken so you might see a lot of this smiling beauty :)

Sweater: hand-me-down from Lia
Tank: random...
Capri's: uhh... Oshkosh (I think) but another hand-me-down
Shoes: Payless

THERE, found one... Point: The girl needs some of her own clothes. Also... do NOT go to the Payless website because there are some seriously AAAdorable shoes there for the little gals!

like a new woman!

Let this be a warning to all you readers... all 4 or sometimes 5 of you... my 2011 resolution to be more organized may be failing miserably before I've even begun... ugh! The following is only a representation of ONE day when I was SO tired of my beautiful desk that I actually did something about it... many other days these sorts of things do not happen...

A few of you may feel for me here, but there are not nearly enough Post It notes on that desk. *sigh*
And oddly... after the cleaning, I felt like I could have conquered the world!   ;)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

daily Smith fashion

At the request of some of my biggest and most faithful fans and followers (aka... my Mom and sistas)... sad little blog... I have come to the conclusion we need to add daily Smith fashion posts to this "sad little blog."

Before I had children and even when Peyton and Lia were younger, I always sworeeeee my children would never be those messy, non-color coordinated children but rather carefully planned, adorable outfit wearing children. Apparently after six children those standards are longgggg gone. Who knew dressing children would require TIME!?! We're running low here... At this point in time when we leave the house, I'm just happy if 1) the diaper-wearing children are actually wearing diapers (bonus if it's a clean, dry diaper), 2) faces are sorta-kinda-almost clean and not snotted up, and 3) boobies and butts are covered. No exceptions. Oh, and sometimes footwear for all feet is nice...

Disclaimer: I (in no way, shape, or form) attest to know the slightest detail about fashion. All daily fashion seen on this website is solely chosen by these wonderful children. But I do put the smack down on princess dresses to the grocery store and Spiderman costumes to Church. Sorry... we have standards. ;)

The only role I played in the preparation of this first dose of daily Smith fashion was the combing of the hair. Miss Austyn even tied her shirt up all by herself. With a PINK hair band of course.

T-Shirt: courtesy of our local booster club
Shorts: hand-me-down Target from Lia
Kicks: hand-me-down from... no idea
Hair accessories: Target or Walmart


Casey and I were fortunate to be a part of a celebration for Miss Jenna's new bebe a couple weeks ago and what a festive celebration it was. Everything was absolutely adorable and I had a blast trying to capture everything I was seeing. Great food, beautiful decorations (handmade by Jenna's super talented lady friends), and as always, amazing calligraphy!

I'm still not sure I got everything there was to see :)

diaper cake courtesy of Jenna's lady friend

teeny tiny jars of jam as party favors... still afraid to open cause it is SO adorable ;)

Is that not the most adorable baby bump ever!

Congratulations in advance to Jenna and Jon! I know the Smith's cannot wait to meet your new adorable baby!

Monday, June 20, 2011

S family!

Last weekend the S family joined us at our home as we rummaged around the property to get some good shots of the family. Little did I know... there are quite a few gems around here! I was quite pleased at the tiny creek down in the woods, and a huge thank you to my lady K for pointing out the old truck just sitting in the field waiting for us to sit on it! I know my own children will be very pleased to climb all over it for mommy to take more photos ;)

Thank you K and E (and B and M) for being such great troopers!
(and hope you enjoyed the baha ride on the golf cart... courtesy of the best neighbor ever)

Lesson learned: Smith children create chaos when photographing other children... who am I kidding, Smith children create chaos at all times.


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