Monday, October 31, 2011

daily Smith fashion

Sooo ... there are these 2 animals that come to the house almost every day. While they may not be Smith's, they're making their appearance on daily Smith fashion. Please welcome... Jax (1-1/2) and Luke (3).
While Jax wasn't sure he wanted anything to do with what was going on, Luke wanted in on it immediately.
... and then there were brother hugs :)
Shirt: Circo (Target brand)
Pants: Circo (Target brand)
Shoes: Nike

Shirt: Walmart
Pants:  Oshkosh
Shoes: Target brand

Saturday, October 29, 2011

last *summer* afternoon

A couple weekends ago we had the most beautiful weather. Sunday the kids and I scavenged our back yard. It was SO beautiful! I'm definitely not ready for the snow to come. Apologies because this post is pretty photo heavy...

Nash and I walked trough the deceiving water... not one bit warm... nope! The other kids are more daring :)

I'm starting to let the kids delicately hold my camera and take some photos. They can't be completely trusted... and they take about a million at a time but these are actually pretty darn good. Bravo!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

snow stinks

Mom: Hey guys, come see this out here!

... slight commotion as bodies are launched over the baby gate barricading the entry way from the kitchen...

Tayt: Yeah. I know what that is. We've had that before...
(wise beyond his years)

Mom: Oh yeah...

Tayt: Yeah, snowstinks.

Mom:  Snowstinks?

Tayt:  Yup.

I think he meant snowflakes but we'll go with snow stinks! Raised me up a good ole Wisconsin boy ;)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

daily Smith fashion

As usual, there are a few things happening here...
1) editing 5 million +72 photos
2) started a new job
3) procrastination/negligence
4) absolutely no prompting...

For Casey and Jake's wedding I had the kids' shirts embroidered with one of our favorite numbers. Lots of compliments. Lots of memories.

Shirt: basic black V-neck Old Navy
Skirt: uuhhh...Kohl's. Yeah. Kohl's. WAIT... Younkers
Tights: basic black thick knit tights... Walmart maybe
Heels: Target as soon as I saw these, I knew they would have a loving home in Austyn's embrace and wear them nonstop since then she has!

Monday, October 24, 2011

goofy, gorgeous gal

Miss Lia... where to begin!?! This girl is silly, goofy, loving, caring, kind, helpful, a complete joy to be around every single day. She lives to make others happy and loves to laugh doing it. I cannot believe the young lady she is becoming. Every day is a new adventure. I'm so proud of her and cannot *wait* to see the adventures she takes on! We love you with everything we have, Lia. Don't change a bit!
about 6 months (aka...I mislabeled the darn photo)



and the rest of these are from this summer :)

a day late, a year earned!

I know this comes a few (fourrrr) days late but I still needed to post because she means a lot to me. I've unintentionally (& intentionally) learned a lot from my mom and turns out... I'm very thankful for that! Almost daily I find myself repeating something I know I've heard her say only to think... I remember when my mom said that to me. Darn it! I'm not sure why we ever think "I don't want to sound like my mom/dad/parents," but I couldn't think of any one else I'd rather be like. All that being said... I hope you had a wonderful 54th birthday Mom!
I love you!

one of our similarities... we're usually behind the camera... point: take more photos of Mom!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

morning gut punch

Many of you may be familiar with Adele. I wasn't in love with her the first time I heard her but after a reminder by Renee and Casey's trip to *see* her, I'm in love with her awesomeness and she is now on my play list. Not sure why it happened today... so late, but here it is...

I can feel her pain towards the end of the song. Somehow she's able to punch her feelings right into your gut... such a powerful voice... I sound just like that when I'm matching those notes in my living room vacuuming...

Monday, October 17, 2011

J & I engagement

In my spare time I've been working on all the editing for numerous photo sessions. I promise I'll try to get all the editing done in a "reasonable amount of time." In the meantime, here are a few more of my favorites from J and I's engagement session a couple weeks ago. More to come... 2 weeks! (Money Pit style) ;)

cellar to be proud of

We have this crazy, wonderful neighbor who just keeps bringing over all these canned goods. She cannot be stopped. ;) In all reality, we are so very grateful for her ambition. At this point, I'm not sure our re-payment of children running loose at all times of the day is enough! I know she appreciates our cellar just as much as we do. Muchas gracias vecino!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

estate finds

A few weeks ago there was an estate sale right across the road from us. Naturally, Casey and I went to check it out because it was calling my name allllll week. Found me some gems. And I'm completely convinced more estate sales need to be dominated next summer...or whenever possible!

I think I spent $24.50 for *all* of these goodies... tiny wood kid chair, old wooden bat, vintage camera for my collection, and a medicine bag in sketchy condition.

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