Tuesday, July 27, 2010

20 weeks complete

I'm a little more camera-shy than Austyn, but I wanted to include a half way photo of this pregnancy... something I slacked on for the last FIVE pregnancies. Oops!

While I was feeling smaller with this baby, upon comparison to December 2008 when I was carrying Nash, I don't think I'm much smaller... if any! I might be a couple more weeks along in the photo below.
And here are the really good ultrasound pictures. This baby looks like all the rest. Measuring correctly for dates and all looks good. We did NOT find out the gender of the baby. Sorry Mom!
There was some discussion on whether it could be a jaguar, an alligator, an alien, or a walrus... radiologist confirmed it is indeed a baby.

Another 19 weeks 5 days and we'll let you know his/her name :)

Monday, July 26, 2010

S'mores Galore

The week before Cheese Days, I decided we needed a fire pit at the new house. What was originally supposed to be a quick project turned in to a few days and possibly even a week... sorry guys! Who knew!? There was lots of deliberation about size, location, and shape of this fire pit. I didn't know dilberation with 3 men would be so difficult... apparently none of them cared about any of my concerns... where should it go? should we make is smaller? should we put it there? or here? or over there? should we make it round? how about square? I like triangles. Do it up. Gonzo started the digging and they were off. It will be here. Sweet! I'm in. Impatience got the best of me because I didn't want to have to wait for the power company to come mark something if we moved the darn thing. Luckily, there was a massive pit already started.

Here I am managing the entire situation. Thank you Mom for getting this all for the record :)

Tayt caught a toad here. We got it away from him before he... hurt it... :)
The fire pit was finished in time for Cheese Days and the first (and only fire since then) went very nice. The second fire got rained out. Bummer! Here Dave and Tayt are enjoying the fire...

... and here is the final product. I'd have to say they did a very nice job considering the conditions. We had a couple storms during the making of this fire pit that caused a few rain delays and Dave getting his van stuck in the middle of our yard... all is nearly dry now and ready for some more S'mores!

wonderful tournaments

Ohhhh how I love softball, let me count the ways...

1. Recognizing all local towns by the ball diamonds.

2. Tuesday being the only free night. Occasionally.

3. Arguing with the entire ball team to let "my husband come out to play."

4. Sunday Fun Day.

5. Staying home alone on Friday, Saturday, and/or Sunday night(s) with the kids to put them to bed and sit and wonder if there was an accident involving bleachers and a drunk, maybe he got lost on the way home, OR maybe whether the games were actually 2 hours behind. Because apparently "sometimes they do that." Yeah. And I bet they were only serving root beer and ring pops at the concession stand.

6. Spending enough money to send 2 kids to college on turkey hot dogs, nachos for the millionth time, and enough licorice rope to rot all the teeth out of our mouths.

7. The wonderful 'talks' we have on the drives to and from the games.

8. Sitting under a pavilion while 30 gallons of rain pour down and trying to convince 5 children they cannot soak their entire bodies in the puddles.

9. The sheer joy of being around cussing, scratching, spitting, dead sexy, sweaty men.

10. Carrying 5 sleeping children covered in mud, dirt, sand, nacho cheese, and some sticky material into the house at 11:30 p.m. Saturday night only to wake them all up at 7:00 a.m. Sunday morning (inadequate amount of sleep) and enjoy an hour long mass with not-so-well-behaved angels.

(I could go on and on... )

Don't get me wrong... I enjoy softball games 90% of the time but the other 10% of the time... I have a hard time not packing everyone up and leaving the ball diamond. Forever.

Then there are times like last night where the kids were completely covered head to toe in the stankiest mud you have ever smelled, running around eating ring pops, playing a kids game of softball, and later the kids are getting washed up at the end of the night and Dave is wondering if anyone brought his trophy in...
...and I won't change any of it... Congrats Dave! You do deserve it :)

Friday, July 23, 2010


I apologize in advance for another shower post but this seriously made me cringe... I got up early this morning to shower and be ready before the kids for the day. I have my almost-half-way ultrasound today and we're allllll going... probably creating another story for later... anyway, I'm going about my usual business in the shower only standing in half an inch of water... thanks to Dave it drains a little faster now... all done washing up, put the loofah down, and OH. MY. GOD.

Yes, I know... forgive me Father for I have sinned, it has been.... wayyyy to long since my last confession and I occasionally use God's name in vain. I'm a sinner. 10 Hail Mary's for you. And 50 Our Father's. You're forgiven.

Ahhhhh... DAVEEEEE!!! There he was. A ginormous, black, ugly, disGUSTING beetle nestled right in my loofah. Joining me for the entire scrub down. He was in my loofah the wholeeee time I washed! Ew. Ew. EW!! Dave. Dave. DAVEEEE! Again. He's in bed. Peaks in. Unsurprised, monotone - What? Look. At. My. LOOFAH. Ewwwwww... He's all... what??? they don't bite that hard... I explained that I washed my entire body with him nestled. IN. my. loofah. Apparently Dave didn't care and I demanded he THROW IT AWAY!!!! Another washing, an hour of work later, and Dave is still sleeping. Not a care in the world. SICK BUGS!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


As if I'm not hungry enough during this pregnancy, my wonderful Mom sends me a link to this...

I wonder if they'll have a plate of this exact dish waiting for me at the shop when I run to get the kids their box o' mac n' cheese...

without rain

...missing the clouds we had the other day WITHOUT the rain...

sandbox pool

In thinking so much about this bathroom project, I totally forgot to post photos of the kids at the ball diamond. And let's be honest, almost 100% of our time was really spent here. Saturday night to Sunday morning it rained but we didn't realize it was this much rain... the sandbox at the ball diamond was almost completely under water as well as right field where Dave played. I was too busy comforting Nash after a very traumatic face wash to get the shots of Dave diving for (and missing) a catch in the right field pool. I heard the splash if that counts! I'm told it was hilarious :)

bathroom lighting

The possibilities for the bathroom lighting are endless. It's going to come down to Dave taking me to Menards tomorrow and following me around in total disgust. He has already mentioned how he "just wants to get something." In Dave terms, that means HURRY UP. Come on Dave, I'm not even in the store yet! He must know how this is going to go. It might end in me crying but I'll surely get my way. :)

This variety of lighting ranges from $13.97 to $139.00. I found these at Walmart, Target, Home Depot, and Pottery Barn. Darn Pottery Barn has to have the $129.00 favorite (bottom row... 2 middle photos)!

The lighting fixtures will replace the wonderful long bulbs you can see on either sides of the mirror in the photo below. I suppose I should be prepared... measure to see how much room I have to work with and ask the professional (Dad) to come over to double check...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

bathroom remodel

For some reason, the room catching my interest and focus for today is the bathroom in the "new" house. After lots and LOTS of ideas were thrown around, I think I've narrowed it down to what I'd like the bathroom to look like. The cabinetry is currently darker so that is good. I don't plan to change much besides paint, flooring, light fixtures, and possibly some towel bars or some kind of accessories. Okay, that sounded like a lot but really... maybe it is... As for the light fixtures, those might need to wait as I'm not sure how or what can be done with the massive bulbs currently there. They're pretty special and I think I need a professional (my Dad) to look at them. ;) Then we can make a decision on what to do with them.
Flooring might be a little more difficult to come up with a final decision. I want something darker and since the towels we currently have are dark brown, I want to keep with that color scheme. I think my favorite is the 3rd one shown above. (All of these can be found here.)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

all about the cheese curds

The kids are under the impression the carNEEval is all about the rides... mom knows better. It's all about the cheese curds! While I didn't get a shot of the splendid curds themselves, I did take some of the kids enjoying the rides.

The girls really liked the horses. This should come as no surprise but Austyn was singing during her ride. (As an aside... those stickers on her legs were not such a good idea and after some screaming in the bath tub, she decided she'd "never do that again.")

infamous Cheese Days parade

This last weekend our yearly carNEEval was in town. Unfortunately, the carnies were also here for almost an entire week before which made everyone a little uneasy. Here are some of the photos from the Cheese Days parade celebration :) The kids loved the parade, even Nash, and we have our candy drawer full again.

Peyton and Lia go to the Catholic school here in town and the school had a float in the parade this year. Hilarious to see our priest driving the float! He's the greatest :)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

another skull fracture waiting to happen!

Sometimes I'm not sure how to teach my children. For instance - common sense. Sometimes I am totally thrown for a loop and find myself standing in front of one of them thinking... "What. the. hell? Seriously." Of course, I try not to say those exact words but one is never perfect so it sometimes slips. I apologize... so I'm working in my office this afternoon directly underneath my bedroom, which is next to the girls' room. Earlier this morning I had to gently discipline the kids for jumping on the bed. Lia, Austyn, and Tayt were jumping on Lia's bed while Peyton used a pillow to karate chop at their feet/legs and knock them over. All fun and games... yes, I know... we did some special things when we were little... but I don't care to clean blood out of the white carpet in that room. BIG thank you to the previous home owners... ha!

Anyway... I'm working in my office and hear what very obviously is Nash's head hitting the floor. Crying. Still crying. I like to wait it out. Most of the time it's Austyn and sometimes Tayt making a wayyyy bigger deal of something than what the effort is actually worth. Nope. Still crying. I better go check for blood. Luckily no blood was shed but I find myself standing there... "Why? WHYYY Lia?" Her reply... "You NEVER told me Nash couldn't go on my bed!" Mind you, her attitude and mouth are well exceeding her age lately... and by NEVER did she mean I hadn't told her today... come on, I KNOW I've told her this before. I just know it. Somehow I kept my cool, didn't rip her lips off, and calmly yet in my sternest voice possible told her she CANNOT put him on her bed. Ever. Not ever. He falls. On his head. A LOT. We do notttt want another skull fracture. Just use your head and keep him off things he'll FALL OFF! Please. The kid already thinks he's Superman and climbs the kitchen chairs. He's invincible!

And still after this conversation with my 7 year old, I have no idea how to teach common sense or explain it rationally... and since we taught them, it comes back at me... "just because" isn't an answer, Mommm!


I've been told destruction/construction of the window replacement in the new house should be underway soon. I'm not entirely sure if the windows were ordered or just measured and they're now thinking about ordering them... who knows!? I do know someone made a mess in my living room!
We also brought over 1 van load of stuff which didn't even make a dent in the amount of belongings we still have to bring over to the other house. Austyn helped bring in all the "glass" and arranged them every so carefully for me. She's my big helper :)


Rainy days at our house sometimes get a little chaotic. These kids hear the word 'tornado' and we're all. gonnnaaaa. DIE!!! I try to calm them down and reassure them we'll all be fine but I don't think they're convinced. And seeing the clouds forming like this outside, it's hard to keep myself convinced! Storms passed through yesterday for what seemed like every hour and during this wonderful Wisconsin weather, we had to keep ourselves busy doing something... watched some Chuck Norris (Peyton is now a huge fan!) and I attempted to play go fish with Austyn and Tayt. Hilarious! Austyn isn't so bad because she knows all her numbers but to Tayt everything is the number 3 and he can't keep his cards a secret or even all in his hand. I ask Austyn for a 3, Tayt hands me his. Austyn asks me for a Queen, and Tayt hands her his 9. Needless to say, the game ends quickly. Guess we'll have to practice. :)

Regardless of all the storming going on outside, all the kids went to sleep quickly last night and never got up the entire night. Even Duke was out like a light.

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