Friday, June 18, 2010

the "new" house - main level

storage in entrance
very open kitchen
dining room off kitchen

living room off dining room

small but cute bathroom
stairs just off the kitchen
And here begins the many, many "remodeling" photos of the "new" old house. Until we sell our house, we'll just be painting and fixing this old beauty up. There is much to do in both houses but I'm very excited and I'm certain I can say the same for the kids. Let's just say... bedrooms have been called! Peyton will be getting his own room and he's okay with that, although we get to choose which one and he's not okay with that. But... Mom rules. You lose. Too bad. :) The joys of parenting.
Also... not to be left hanging, I did take way too many photos of the house so there will be more to come shortly. There is a glorious upstairs that I will add in a bit. I absolutely love the character and built-ins we're gaining from this move so you will get to see more! Enjoy :)
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