Monday, August 2, 2010

let the painting begin

Oh goodness, you've had to stare at me for the last week. MY apologies!!! It's been a busy week... last of Peyton's ball games, painting, my grandma passed away, birthday party, painting, softball... those are all good excuses, right!?

Anyway, colors were finally decided on, bought, and then left in the new house for 2 days until we could get over there to start. A grand total of 15 gallons of paint! Yes, Dave is very excited for this ;)

Photos below are mostly my inspiration photos, not of our actual house. But soon our house will be more like home.
The picture with the shoes was the initial inspiration for the entry of the house. Then Tayt liked the color so it's going to be his room too. But we're going to add some white polka dots to one wall in his room just to spice it up. Then we're going to do some sort of art work with the green paint to incorporate into the kitchen and the dining room. Now, I'm not sure if the green is EXACTLY what I wanted but we'll see how it goes up on the wall. We might be making another trip to Menards.

That same green color may even go all the way in to the bathroom and sort of match the towels that are on my list to buy. We shall see. That issss the plan... Also...look closely, the white on the right of the photos below is the bathroom color. :)

I am forever in love with this "chalky blue" color. Sometimes in the mood for more gray in it. Sometimes in the mood for more green in it. ANDDD sometimes in the mood for more blue in it. All in all... LOVE! Actually surprised I didn't do every room in the house some shade of this color.
I made the mistake of asking Peyton what color he would like in his room. And then I asked the girls. They both had very HUGE ideas. Peyton voted blazzzze orange. With brown polka dots. I talked him out of this idea and we decided on a nice burnt orange. I can handle that!

The girls were not so easily swayed. Instead of the 1, 2, 3, 4... SEVEN colors it looks like in the photo, we decided on 5 (one of which we already had). AND we decided one wall with all those colors wouldn't knock you down when you walked into the room... sooooo... they're excited. They've been asking to "help" for the past week. At least.

Fortunately, Dave didn't play with his usual softball team this weekend and the rookie team he was playing with lost out of the tournament early Saturday morning. Thanks guys! We got quite a bit done Saturday and yesterday. Ceilings in 4 of 11 rooms done. Just need to finish trim work in the office. Primed the kitchen and dining room. And Dave worked extra hard to get the beautiful border down in the living room. We won't miss it! Now that the kids are all done with ball, we'll have more time to work at the house and said out loud that we wanted to "get more done at the house." No turning back now!
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