Monday, September 10, 2012

last weekend of summer

All I asked for was an uneventful, long, relaxxxxxxing weekend. Not such a large request really... chaos of packing aside, getting out of the house wasn't so bad. Getting set up at the campground may have been chaotic. Finally sitting down and enjoying the campfire... bliss!
campsite by day
 campsite by night
I would love to do this afternoon again. What a beautiful day to sit at the beach!?! To say the kids love the water would be an understatement. Drew watched in awe for a bit while a little boy who looked to be just a few months younger than her screamed in horror of the water while his dad tried to 'play' with him in it. Quite the sight :)
 pals taking a break
I think I'll call her a beach baby from now on. Drew absolutely loved it... until the very brief dunk she encountered after walking in too far. Scary moment! But she had little fear the next trip to the beach so I'm not too worried.
finding the most comfortable position on the beach perhaps...

Saturday proved to be the eventful day of the weekend. I never claim to know everything about raising children and yet again, I've learned something new. Our first stitches, folks! The kids biked nonstop almost the entire weekend (very close to our campsite after 'the incident'), but Tayt had an incident with another biker that lead us to the emergency room nearby. (other biker gal is completely fine... elbow scrapes) Head on collision/front tires collided. What he's telling me was a handlebar to the cheek. And I believe him because he had NO road rash from the pavement on his body and no other scratches or bruises. Couldn't have happened to a better kid... he's seriously the toughest. Never cried when I had him. The following photos are a little gruesome so beware... (I left out the photo of the gaping wound)
"I got 3 things today... gum, glasses, and stitches."
We stopped for some Tylenol after his ER visit and he got gum and glasses :)
The kid is tough, no doubt.

Our Sunday was spent back and forth lounging at the beach and more at the campsite.
 Austyn building a sand castle
 movie on the beach... Tayt, Dave, and Nash enjoying... er... some enjoying...
Monday was mostly packing up and heading home early. There was corn in the garden that needed to be 'harvested' ... more to come on that as well. All in all, we had a pretty good weekend. Bummer holiday weekends go so fast but glad to enjoy them with family. Hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend as well!

HUGE thanks to our 'crazy neighbor' for everything. We really did have a great time!
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