Thursday, August 23, 2012

flea market and food stands

Tomorrow begins a long weekend of working for Dave's familys food stand at a local 'steam show.' Had it not been for marrying him, I'd never know something like this even existed. Little did I know I'd actually enjoy this said 'steam show' and even look forward to it every year. Just to clear one thing up, I'm not going for the 'steam show' but rather the massive flea market. Row upon row upon ROW of vintage goodies. eeeeeeeeeeppppppp. Excited! I have some birthday money to spend. And a photography tip... amazed I actually got a tip. MANY thanks! So we are off to the Steam Show early tomorrow morning to get some goodies and some food that I'm sure is terrible for my physique ;)

Check out more of the Steam Show here.

I thought I documented our 2011 adventures but on looking back I could only find 2010... goodness! So here are the fun times from 2010 Steam Show. Enjoy!
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