Sunday, January 15, 2012

online community & green thumb

Since the beginning of my blogging, I have run across quite a few blogs I enjoy reading. Some I read often. Some I forget to read. Most I need to read more regularly to keep up. All of which, again, I enjoy.

Awhile back I ran across this post... probably during my never ending search for practical nursing tops of any kind ... or possibly through this blog.

I follow both of these lovely ladies blogs and also on Twitter and Instagram. You might call me an online stalker... but I promise not the crazy kind :)  As a family of 8, it is quite difficult and sometimes near impossible to find other families with similar beliefs and routines as ours, and it is very nice/fun/refreshing to find other ladies online to read about and relate to... regardless if I'll ever meet them or talk with them. Our small Instagram interactions I will take! :)

Now... anyone who knows me knows I am not much of a green thumb. Someone once told me it was impossible to kill an Easter Lily... that they are the easiest plants to keep alive... yeah, reference here.

In an effort to promote simpler, healthier living and a great product of a fellow "onliner," check out these amazing plants!

While I can't promise one of these plants will be in our immediate future... about 4-5 months ago we put ourselves on an *extremely* tight budget (as in Nash is in the middle of potty training and Drew is wearing strictly cloth diapers)... I'd love for everyone to check these out and at the very least consider adding one to your house. And seeing as it's oh... 28 degrees today, a nice fresh, green plant would really brighten anyone's day!

** also check out Maryam's blog post for 25% these wonderful plants!
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