Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Steam Show 2010

Every year we look forward to the Steam Show in Edgar. This year was no different. Good food, good company, and lots of flea marketing.

A couple photos of the flea market. After a couple isles of endless clutter goodies, everything looks the same. I spied those 2 adorable kindergarten chairs and had to have them. They're waiting patiently in the living room now for a desk at the old new house.

Then there were these dolls waving us good-bye Sunday night. For the sake of sleeping soundly at night, none of these dolls came home with us.

Lia and Tayt made friends with a gentleman next to the Smith Brothers booth, and he and his wife were making ropes. By the end of the weekend, all my children had made their own ropes. This huge thing he called a monkey fist. Very neat looking deal-a-ma-bob. :)

And last but not least, the kids always remember the pony rides.
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