Friday, January 22, 2016

the end. ish.

I'm not entirely sure the title to this blog post is fitting for what I'm about to do, but this is the end. 

The end of this blog. 

I was going to do a post concluding our 2015 and introducing 2016, but there are sssooo many things that happened in 2015. I would never have enough time!

With the new year comes new ideas. One of these ideas, a combined blog with my sista. I won't lie, this is mostly her idea. She thinks I'm cooler than her and so by combining our blogs, we'll get more traffic   relate to more people   help more people... you know, I'm not *entirely* sure the reasoning behind the combining of the blogs, buttt I do think it's a neat idea. maybe I can blog even less then ;) 

She's a way better blogger than I am so I'm not sure whyyy she would want to combine with mine, but I'm down with the combo!

in conclusion, thanks for all you loyal readers. mostly my mom. and that one stalker woman I can't seem to get rid of. you know who you areeee ;) we're friends, it's okay if I say that :)

and come along for the ride ova heaaayyyyaaa!!!

2 smiths. 1 blog.

with love,
the Smith clan :)

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