Thursday, September 20, 2012

daily Smith fashion

Obviously these girls have no problem participating in the daily Smith fashion series. I should probably ask them more often...

With the combination of school starting and the weather getting colder, this series may be more scarce than it already is... ugh... cold weather. I'm definitely not ready for the changing seasons.

Lia's new face... crossing her eyes. Intelligent looking.
Lia (almostttttt 10):
Tank: thrifted Gap
Shorts: Mossimo Target brand that obviously need to be passed down to Austyn
Socks: no idea...
Shades: Steam Show flea market purchase

Austyn (7):
Dress:Faded Glory Walmart brand
Sweater: also Faded Glory Walmart brand
Shoes: these Cherokee Target heels have seen their day... wowza!
Shades: another Steam Show flea market purchase (see above)
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