Thursday, September 20, 2012

u-rah-rah-rah Peyton!

Peyton's middle school (gasp) football and Lia's cheerleading are well under way. Running for practices and games has officially begun...not complaining because we live in town and it's not sssooo bad. I'm most thankful their games are on different days so we don't have to juggle that for the time being.

Lia seems to be enjoying the cheerleading. Not going to lie... I thought for sure this would bore her... maybe next year she'll decide to do something else. She is pretty darn cute though :)
closest row. third from the right.
 this one should always be caged...

Last week we were watching Peyton's game in summer clothes. This week we broke out the winter coats. :( Photos below we are enjoying last weeks game. This week Peyton caught a pass and made his first TOUCHDOWN of the season. Dave and I were *extremely* excited. There may have been yelling and standing and clapping involved. We might be thoseeee parents...
Peyton is #20.   Mostly The Follower ;)
Drew may be the aggressive child in this house.
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