Tuesday, September 11, 2012

all 4 together

The first day(s) of school...*sigh*
The first couple days were rough for me. I felt lonely. Yes, Nash and Drew were here, but they're... slightly quieter. Ha! That's kind of a joke. They definitely made up for the other 4 being gone. Most every one we know would call me crazy, but having fourrrrr gone to school made me a little sad.

Fast forward to this week. We're totally cool. House clean every day. Laundry done. Laying down and relaxing during nap time almost daily. I can handle this for sure. I think these days may just be preparation for the baby soon to come. And I'll take it! I don't mind the house being slightly quieter :)

ANYway... the four big kids are finally together in one school. They all attend our local private Catholic school and for the first time ever, they have a kindergarten program. Tayt is now in kindergarten and I'm ssssoooo happy they're all together.
Tayt very excited for the first day
and then the pick up after school. you can't tell, but he was excited still :)

The first day of school comes and goes so fast, not unlike everything else around here, but we had an uneventful first week and I'm feeling confident in our developing routine. Now just wishing I could would keep up on the ridiculous amazing amount of paperwork I get to handle weekly!

Here's to a great school year!
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