Friday, September 7, 2012

last week of summer

Last week was our last week of summer, obviously. We spent the week relaxing, starting a new routine of going to bed and getting up earlier, and then we threw in a night at the fair to see Little Big Town play Pontoon. This was mostly for the oldest 4 and they were beyond excited :)
nutritious ;) snack/dinner before the show
Tayt didn't understand why the band wasn't playing Pontoon on repeat (like Dave does...)

Dave and I had a spontaneous date night the following night to see Neal McCoy. A friend of a friend gave us free tickets to be in the 'reserved' seating so we were all over that. and many thanks, friend! We had seen Neal in concert many years ago while at Country Jam... I think... and he puts on a GREAT show! Well worth the free tickets ;) and I'm going to say it, I enjoyed Neal's show more than the previous night... sorry!
Neal McCoy is notorious for leaving the stage and coming right out into the audience. Literally within feet of us.
If I were a better photographer, I would have got this clearer. Dave was speedy though. You can't see it well at all, but here's Dave slapping high 5 with Neal McCoy.
right behind us talking with fans
After this last week and weekend before school started I was feeling okay about sending the kids back to school. There must be some mission they have to drive me completely insane the last week... but then Tuesday after the holiday came and I was sad to see them go. It's been quiet here with only two. Most would call me crazy, but I like the craziness sometimes. I'm sure I'll get used to things being a little quieter, and then there's always that baby that should be here in a month that will liven things up a bit :) Hope everyone's first week of school went well. More to come on our last weekend of summer and the first day(s) of school (sooooooon)!
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