Wednesday, August 22, 2012

birthday weekend

What a busy week it has been!?! Everyone in the house (except Nash... and Dave) have gotten a flu bug. The bad part about the flu in this house... it takes a couple rounds to get through the entireeeee house. I'm using this as an excuse for my lack of posting in the last week. And we had a rough week (emotionally) aside from the sickness. Good friends of ours suffered a loss and maybe because of my state of being right now, but it hit me pretty hard. On a positive note, it brought us closer together and God has created some great best friends for both Dave and I out of this...silver lining...

After the week, this weekend is justttt what we needed. My birthday ;) kidding. We went to my cousin's wedding on Saturday. Visited with family from all over that we rarely get to see. Lots of laughs. And mostly wishing we had more time to spend together. Luckily, there will be another wedding *CONGRATS again* within the year and *crossing fingers* we'll be able to travel to Florida... let the saving pennies begin!

our view at the cabin

excited Peyton

wishing the boys luck and saying I love you's :)
Luke - Peyton - Tayt
Peyton and Lia
skipping rocks was a big hit 
photo courtesy of Mallory
another photo courtesy of Mallory
this almost 14yr old fella got in on the rock skipping as well :)

Everyone had a great time this weekend, and it makes me wish we did it more often and stayed longer. I also wish I got out in the boat or made Dave paddle my big butt around for a bit :) enjoy more photos over on Casey's blog. Apparently I'm slacking on taking photos :)
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