Friday, August 3, 2012

another Smith wedding

Right off the bat... there is an abundance of photos going on in this post. We went to another Smith wedding this past weekend and as usual, I have officially taken too many photos... oops!

groomsman had a little pal
 Homer was enthused about the ceremony

Jake, Renee, and Dave (siblings)
not so girly
 not so girly ;)
 getaway vehicle

Between the ceremony and the meal and reception, we visited aunt Pigg and my grandpa Z. The meal was delicious... I was a hungry momma!
(photos with grandpa Z to come in another post)
Austyn's creation with her jelly beans
waiting patiently :)
failed attempt at a family photo. Nash bomb!
hurry up and grow girls hair, mine has got to go!
and then there was dancing!  :)
immediately after this photo, Drew pushed him away. apparently she wasn't a fan... I don't mind. boys have cooties ;)

P had fun. He's faking it. :)

and then the party was over. done for.

Many thanks to the newlyweds for the wonderful wedding. We all had a great time! Best wishes to you in the future... we can't wait to watch the Smith family grow :)
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