Thursday, August 9, 2012


Today started as a great day. I had an OB appointment in the morning. We were all up and out the door early. Dropped off a client's photo disc. And we were to my appointment early. Felt good. I'm not sure where the day headed south. Maybe it's just hormones. Nothing has felt to be going right since then. Nash opened his neon green bottle of paint in the store. I walked in it without realizing and tracked it through an entire aisle. Nap time went smoothly (for the kids), but I don't sleep well any more and woke up crabby... Any form of resting has been rough... maybe that's my problem. No idea. And I hate to be whining... butttt that was my day. Dave is putting the kids to bed and I'm trying to take some deep breaths. It may be working. I have a feeling this night will end with mint bonbon...

... and of course this will brighten my night. Drew blabbing before bed last night. I have a feeling no one else will be able to understand her in this video but she issssss starting to talk quite a bit. My baby :(

Her two newest things: the hands to go with 'where'dhego?' and sitting down disgusted and crossing her arms... too much cuteness!

Praying for a better day tomorrow... lots of nesting ideas and projects running through my head! (cleaning off those benches and repainting the window sill are absolutely on the list)  :)
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