Tuesday, July 27, 2010

20 weeks complete

I'm a little more camera-shy than Austyn, but I wanted to include a half way photo of this pregnancy... something I slacked on for the last FIVE pregnancies. Oops!

While I was feeling smaller with this baby, upon comparison to December 2008 when I was carrying Nash, I don't think I'm much smaller... if any! I might be a couple more weeks along in the photo below.
And here are the really good ultrasound pictures. This baby looks like all the rest. Measuring correctly for dates and all looks good. We did NOT find out the gender of the baby. Sorry Mom!
There was some discussion on whether it could be a jaguar, an alligator, an alien, or a walrus... radiologist confirmed it is indeed a baby.

Another 19 weeks 5 days and we'll let you know his/her name :)
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