Tuesday, July 6, 2010

07.04.2010 - part 2

Mallory and Casey were not shy about trying out the jet ski but Mom... Mom needed a warm up. She and Dad took the canoe out for a spin and then came back to decide later the jet ski would be okay...iffff Dad went slow... and so... I think she had a pretty good time. The kids all got their rides as well which made their day. Although, thinking about it now... Dave and I never went out on the jet ski. Darn it! We'll definitely be doing that next time.

It was soooo nice to visit with our cousin and her husband and children. They used to live in D.C. but now reside in Jakarta. Yeah. Awesome! We only get to see them every other year (or so) but getting to see all of them was splendid. :)

This shot is Dad demonstrating his technique to donning scuba fins. Quite the sight indeed.
There's that blue-eye little monster again. Never afraid of the camera!

Before we lost our daylight, the kids did some 'fishing.' Peyton was very excited to net one in. Tayt is also showing his excitement. :)
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