Wednesday, July 7, 2010

missing raspberries...

I've come to the conclusion our family has some sort of magnet for... how do I put this... special people. I think we can leave it at that for now. Anyway, not too long ago we got a puppy who turned into a running, pooping, peeing, chewingggg monster who wants me to end his life. Due to this monster, our neighbors to the... south west... across the street... don't care for us too much. Another story for another day.
Now. On to the other special neighbor. This isn't even our neighbor. I'm not entirely sure how she fits in but she's just sometimes there I guess. Nice. Not really. They have a garden. This garden has lots and lots and lots... I'm not exaggerating here... LOTS of raspberries. As in I-can-see-raspberries-when-I'm-standing-in-our-garage lots.
I'm not gonna lie... I've had to get after each and every one of the kids for picking them in the last couple days. In fact, they all got in trouble yesterday for "stocking up for the winter." No. You cannot "stock up for the winter" on our NEIGHBOR'S RASPBERRIES. Something about that is not totally legal. In our defense though, no one has been around picking berries. So there.
I guess today is the raspberry picking day and she's over there picking away. No big deal. There are tons. Peyton, Austyn, and Tayt are big talkers so they went over to see what's up. Make a friend. Have an adult conversation. Pee outside. Who knows!?! Peyton claims they were standing "next to the garden" and she immediately told them "you guys should just go home!"
Now, I'm all for people getting after my naughty kids but come on... they weren't causing any harm were they. Unless of course the rest of the story he failed to mention was the running, pooping, peeing, chewingggg monster rummaging through the middle of the raspberry bushes for his own share. Then... this might end differently. For now... my wonderful sister (name withheld for personal safety) stated something about "making sure those raspberries go missing..."
Happy raspberry picking! ;)
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