Friday, July 23, 2010


I apologize in advance for another shower post but this seriously made me cringe... I got up early this morning to shower and be ready before the kids for the day. I have my almost-half-way ultrasound today and we're allllll going... probably creating another story for later... anyway, I'm going about my usual business in the shower only standing in half an inch of water... thanks to Dave it drains a little faster now... all done washing up, put the loofah down, and OH. MY. GOD.

Yes, I know... forgive me Father for I have sinned, it has been.... wayyyy to long since my last confession and I occasionally use God's name in vain. I'm a sinner. 10 Hail Mary's for you. And 50 Our Father's. You're forgiven.

Ahhhhh... DAVEEEEE!!! There he was. A ginormous, black, ugly, disGUSTING beetle nestled right in my loofah. Joining me for the entire scrub down. He was in my loofah the wholeeee time I washed! Ew. Ew. EW!! Dave. Dave. DAVEEEE! Again. He's in bed. Peaks in. Unsurprised, monotone - What? Look. At. My. LOOFAH. Ewwwwww... He's all... what??? they don't bite that hard... I explained that I washed my entire body with him nestled. IN. my. loofah. Apparently Dave didn't care and I demanded he THROW IT AWAY!!!! Another washing, an hour of work later, and Dave is still sleeping. Not a care in the world. SICK BUGS!
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