Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Reason #... too numerous to count

After being married almost 9 years and living with 5 children, the small favors for each other sometimes are forgotten... 5:30 a.m. I'm standing in the shower wondering... why hasn't Dave used the Drano sitting on the counter for the drain yet... water filling the tub above my ankles... oh well, maybe it's on the schedule for tonight. I asked Dave to get me a couple towels out of the dryer before I got in the shower. At that point, he was still in bed. Done showering after a mere 10 minutes. I've heard the door shut to the bathroom a couple times, someone coming and going, so I'm assuming the towels are sitting on the toilet. Nope. No towels. Sweet!
(towelssss because I use one for my head and wrap myself in another)

There I stand in the ankle deep water listening for the alarm... is it still going off? Nope. Remembered I shut it off. Dave is notorious for "sleeping in" or shutting the alarm off completely. I peak out the door right next to the tub... he's not in bed... now I yell for him in my quietest yell possible so as not to wake Nash. Nothing. Hmm... maybe Lia will hear me. She's up eating cereal I think. I yell for Lia. She hears me because she's a girl and we hear. ;) I ask her where Dave is and he's cleaning the garage from the mess the dog made with a very wet Nash diaper. We won't go there. Reminder: Still no towels. Waiting patiently. I hear lots of foot steps on the stairs, doors slamming, and finalllllllyyyyy Dave comes in with some towels. He apologizes and then hands me 2 towels. FRESH out of the hot dryer. Spending the time standing shivering in inches of water was worth it. And to top it off, he brings my coffee in a little while later... it's all about the little things! :)
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