Thursday, July 15, 2010


Rainy days at our house sometimes get a little chaotic. These kids hear the word 'tornado' and we're all. gonnnaaaa. DIE!!! I try to calm them down and reassure them we'll all be fine but I don't think they're convinced. And seeing the clouds forming like this outside, it's hard to keep myself convinced! Storms passed through yesterday for what seemed like every hour and during this wonderful Wisconsin weather, we had to keep ourselves busy doing something... watched some Chuck Norris (Peyton is now a huge fan!) and I attempted to play go fish with Austyn and Tayt. Hilarious! Austyn isn't so bad because she knows all her numbers but to Tayt everything is the number 3 and he can't keep his cards a secret or even all in his hand. I ask Austyn for a 3, Tayt hands me his. Austyn asks me for a Queen, and Tayt hands her his 9. Needless to say, the game ends quickly. Guess we'll have to practice. :)

Regardless of all the storming going on outside, all the kids went to sleep quickly last night and never got up the entire night. Even Duke was out like a light.

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