Monday, July 12, 2010

Pigg's doings

Last week the girls went with Aunt Pigg for hair 'trims.' Dave was a little concerned as to how the 'trims' were going to go down. I think he was more worried his little baby girls are growing up. In the 'before' shot, I think Lia is very ready to do something different with her hair. Ausytn on the other hand... all about the camera. Adorable. :)

The final product is pretty cute. Lia picked her own cut and Austyn even got her hair curled. She wouldn't even let me touch it to put it up for her T-ball game that night. Dad's only comment to Lia... "why did you cut it so short?" But he did tell her he liked it. I think the picture shows her excitement very well. Now we'll have to convince her to grow it out for Casey and Jake's wedding next fall. Hopefully she goes for it ;)
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