Thursday, July 15, 2010

another skull fracture waiting to happen!

Sometimes I'm not sure how to teach my children. For instance - common sense. Sometimes I am totally thrown for a loop and find myself standing in front of one of them thinking... "What. the. hell? Seriously." Of course, I try not to say those exact words but one is never perfect so it sometimes slips. I apologize... so I'm working in my office this afternoon directly underneath my bedroom, which is next to the girls' room. Earlier this morning I had to gently discipline the kids for jumping on the bed. Lia, Austyn, and Tayt were jumping on Lia's bed while Peyton used a pillow to karate chop at their feet/legs and knock them over. All fun and games... yes, I know... we did some special things when we were little... but I don't care to clean blood out of the white carpet in that room. BIG thank you to the previous home owners... ha!

Anyway... I'm working in my office and hear what very obviously is Nash's head hitting the floor. Crying. Still crying. I like to wait it out. Most of the time it's Austyn and sometimes Tayt making a wayyyy bigger deal of something than what the effort is actually worth. Nope. Still crying. I better go check for blood. Luckily no blood was shed but I find myself standing there... "Why? WHYYY Lia?" Her reply... "You NEVER told me Nash couldn't go on my bed!" Mind you, her attitude and mouth are well exceeding her age lately... and by NEVER did she mean I hadn't told her today... come on, I KNOW I've told her this before. I just know it. Somehow I kept my cool, didn't rip her lips off, and calmly yet in my sternest voice possible told her she CANNOT put him on her bed. Ever. Not ever. He falls. On his head. A LOT. We do notttt want another skull fracture. Just use your head and keep him off things he'll FALL OFF! Please. The kid already thinks he's Superman and climbs the kitchen chairs. He's invincible!

And still after this conversation with my 7 year old, I have no idea how to teach common sense or explain it rationally... and since we taught them, it comes back at me... "just because" isn't an answer, Mommm!
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