Friday, July 27, 2012

turtle hunting. take 2.

Dave promised the kids another turtle hunting adventure this week. Little did they know, heeeee was the one who wanted the adventure :) Dave, his brother (Jake), a friend of Jake's, and Mallory's husband (Chris) may now officially be obsessed with turtle hunting. We went on Monday. Then they went again on Wednesday. We had over forty turtles here! Some were given away and we're only keeping a couple through the end of the summer because obviouslyyyyy forty turtles is too many!

Mal had my camera for part of the time so the out of focus ones and ones of her with the kids... I cannot be held accountable for those. She also took these of her and Chris... obviously ;)

Dave is catching one here. Hard to see... 
the close up :)

I thought about censoring this next photo but that would take away the ... hilariousness! SOOO be warned... not for the faint of heart ;)


Jax and Mal

Drew observing

Tayt caught a frog

Lia showing off the tiniest turtle from the day

these are the 2 tiniest from the boys hunting trip alone

Peyton showing the biggest and tiniest of the turtles.

unfortunately, we found out the biggest turtle bites... victim = Luke (of course)
Tayt had something to do with it. Thussss the bite on the back of his arm... children!

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