Monday, July 16, 2012

cheese days: run

This weekend was the widely popular Cheeeeeese Days weekend here in Colby-town. People come from far and wide...we see lots of interesting folks enjoying the festivities all weekend. Our weekend festivities started Saturday morning bright and early with the Jamison Kampmeyer Memorial Run (also known as Chariots of Cheese). Dave participated in the 5K and in preparation, ran 1-1/2 miles the week prior to the run. To say he is sore today would be an understatement... BUT he 'placed' 25th out of ohhhh... 200 some runners (100 some walkers) so I guess he is a master athlete... drives me crazy sometimes! ;) (kidding)

Casey (and Homer), Mallory (and Luke &Jax), and me and the kids all did the 5K walk. I don't run. Ever. Well... I take that back... I'll run from the house to the van if I have a very emergent EMT call. I'll run if a child is hurt... bad. And I'll occasionally run for ice cream or chocolate. Other than that... not gonna happen. So we walked. We were one of the last 20 (guessing) to finish... we rock. ;)

We can call this Part I of our Cheese Days weekend. More to come! :)

Update: This is proof that I did walk :)
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