Thursday, July 19, 2012

etsy Thursday

Really no rhyme or reason to these etsy posts. Just randoms I find throughout the week. Enjoy!

not necessarily for your hair but these are more for decoration

Who doesn't love a fun bag!?!
THIS one is pretty cute too

I'm thinking maybe we should hit up the fabric store and get a bunch of colors so the girls and I can start making these. I made them when I was younger and enjoyed it. Lia just started making some with her friends... I'm actually wearing one right now. I think it would be something they could do on rainy days. Or when I want them to be quiet ;)

Pretty, Pretty!

I'm hooked on this chevron pattern lately. First the phone covers. Then the dresses and skirts... oh boy! uh oh... this one andddd this one. I must stop :)
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