Monday, July 9, 2012

tournament days

Around these parts, summer is for softball... Dave is an avid softball player. (Mallory's husbandm Chris, also plays softball ... usually he and Dave together... so Mal and I and the kids are together a lot!) Anyone who knows our family knows we spend almost every weekend of the summer at a local ball diamond. Last year Dave was out of commission for an ACL tear (his third ACL tear to be exact!). He's been told he should probably quit but that would be like someone telling us to stop having babies... or something like that... it's just not gonna happen. And I'm okay with that. When I dooooo get to sit down to watch him, I really enjoy it. Getting the chance to sit down and watch is another story... regardless, here are a few photos of what we spend our time doing while we're "watching" Dave (and Chris) ;)

some swing time

Peyton loves having his photo taken these days  *insert sarcasm*

Lia felt bad for the ant piles that aunt Mal covered so she made them a new home...

Before Sunday games started, we went to a park near the ball diamond and had ourselves some lunch and played on the playground and a little in the river.

consequences of missing her nap


The End
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