Tuesday, July 10, 2012

independence celebration

We started early with our Fourth of July celebration this year and had a cookout with Dave's parents on the eve of the 4th. Everyone was asked to bring something they've never made before. I forgot. So while at the grocery store I looked up a recipe quick that looked yummy. (I rarely make a new recipe without seeing a photo of it along with the recipe) :)  Greek pasta salad... with feta... and a bunch of other goodies ... and I reallllllly liked it. (mine looked like photo #16... and I left out the peppers... ew!)

Of course cornhole was played. Also known as bean bags around these parts. It's a pretty big deal...

Mr. Homer came too :)  (see more of our 4th)

and any gathering would not be complete with a little bit of sibling rivalry...

pretty full moon started the night. then Dave playing Little Big Town's Pontoon on repeat one thousand times ended the night.
oh wait... Austyn ended the night "scaring" everyone like this... :)

I apologize for the lack of photos from the 4th but the heat was getting to me by this time and I just. wanted. some. air conditioning!!!

My mom has some here and Casey has some... here. They're both obviously wayyyyy ahead of me on their posting... which I promised to be better about. I'm trying... this is me catching up!

Nash still wasn't so sure this year. He held his hands over his ears almost the entire time.

Happy (belated) 4th to all of you! I hope your day was relaxing and uneventful. Many thanks to all our troops who provide(d) this freedom to all of us. God Bless!
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