Wednesday, February 6, 2013

game day + Sunday fun day

Saturdays around here are meant for relaxing. And Sundays. :) I like to nap. Dave likes to watch football. This last Saturday we did a little visiting with cousins, visiting with aunts, playing board games, surprise trip to the movies, and then there was that SuperBowl Dave is still bitter about (extremeeeee Packer fan)  :) All in all, a very nice weekend.
Mr T is 9 weeks (to the day) younger than Meg

Santa brought this game and this game for Christmas. For some reason, our games get demolished quickly around here so these were good to add to our collection. The kids really like the Labyrinth... as do I. Thanks Friend for introducing us to it! As you'll see in the photos, it requires lots of concentration :)

Sunday Dave surprised me with a day date to the movies. Complete with popcorn and soda pop! I started by telling him how much I *hated* surprises but quickly changed my mind. Correction: I hate that he pulled one over on me... yet again! See last surprise here. I'm still not sure how he pulled it off. I had NO idea! He was in cahoots with my sister, Pigg (thanks for watching ALL the kids), and Mom AND he even picked out the movie we went to see. He loves me ;)

Cheers to wonderful weekends!
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