Thursday, February 28, 2013

potty trial numero uno

A couple weeks ago for a couple weeks in a row, I unsuccessfully attempted to potty train this mini beast. While I *am* a stay at home mom and I'm sure many of you would argue that I should be doing these things regardless of how "difficult" it may be... I'll just tell you: feel free to come clean the piles of piddle and/or poo. Yeah. Super enjoyable! Just when I thought she was doing a fairly good job, I had another mess to clean up. Not unlike having a puppy in the house again. Her success to failure ratio was about 1:5, maybe even 1:4. I may muster up some more courage and give it another go in a couple weeks. We shall see. Until then... piddle and poo will be contained...for the most part.
caught mid-piddle... I have to confess she is pretty darn cute and extremely devious :)
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