Monday, October 8, 2012

surprise sprinkle

mentioned the surprise sprinkle my Mom and sisters arranged for me (and Dave) but wanted to add a few photos here of the afternoon. Again, I was quite surprised. I had absolutely NO idea! They did a great job keeping it a secret... and if you know Casey, you'd know it was indeed a huge accomplishment! My girls apparently knew as well and they kept it a secret even through a grounding... oops!

A huge thanks to my Mom for all the kind words on her blog. And also my sisters for everything they did... We don't tell you nearly enough, but we love you guys. A lot.  :)

the surprise... stolen from Mom

I didn't take my camera in so this is all you get from me :)

my family and friends are too kind. we got some great goodies!
my sister, Mallory, even madeeeee mini cupcakes. of which I never tried. I'm told the frosting was great! ;)

these went immediately in my hospital bag. Sophie from Mom and sistas. homemade hat from a very good friend. Love!

A HUGE thanks again to everyone who came to the sprinkle! We are soooo thankful! :) now to continue patiently waiting for this bebe...
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