Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Catholic schools week

Last week was Catholic Schools Week...one of the kids' favorite times of the year. They get to dress up all week long. The Book Fair is at school aaallllll week. There are fun field trips planned. And they end the week with a mid-winter dance...and I remember now why we didn't go last year... loud music + dancing/screaming children running wild like animals + 50cent hot dogs + dark gymnasium (try keeping tabs on Rowdy in a dimly lit gym!)... this is what my Friday nights have come to!

The beginning of the week started with career day. It's slightly scary to think of these kids having careers and leaving my home... also scary how much Lia reminds me of myself. She wanted to be an EMT :)
Side note: Mom, I'm very sorry if I had a mouth like her. I should have been slapped more. Wowza!
Tayt is a spitting image of his father :)
 No surprise here, Austyn went as an arteeeeest :)
Another day was crazy hair day. After quite a bit of arguing over the wigs in the house, Peyton was the only one who decided to wear one. Useful arguing... not! He pulled it off well :) Lia had a bun mohawk. Austyn made me do some crazy ponies with her hair. And Tayt had the classic mohawk. Since mohawks are not allowed in my house, Tayt was preteee excited for crazy hair day :)
And then came Friday. The theme for the dance was a Masquerade Ball. Austyn hid her mask from me all week because she didn't want me to recognize her at the dance... keep in mind that I approved the dress she would wear for the dance... 
Meg wore her boots with the fur
waiting for dad to get home from work so we could go to the dance
Lia and her friend, Miss M
I'm not entirely sure, but I *think* this is Austyn *wink wink*
Austyn's friend, Miss H, and Austyn...maybe
Lia with a few girls from her class and her teacher
here's the real Drew Rowdy... you can just barely see it, but she's looking at me out of the corner of her eyes... 
Tayt is too cool for masks
Austyn with another friend, Miss M
Lia may have had the best mask :)

Because of the frigid weather last week, Lia, Austyn, and Tayt's field trip was rescheduled to tomorrow. I usually join them for this trip but I have a little one attached to me at all times. I guess I could strap her to my back and go rollerskating ;) I have every reason to believe the kids enjoyed their week of celebration. We love our little school!
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