Monday, June 27, 2011

must have polka dots

Another addition I've been meaning to make to this blog was the before and after photos of the old new house. I've "featured" before/after photos of the toy room previously but honestly completely forgot to move on to the rest of the house... mainly because there are still things in boxes and some of the rooms don't feel completely done to me, but... terrible, I know... and I hate it! So... here it is, the cleanest room in the house... but maybe not on this day :)

This is Tayt and Nash's room. While neither of those children were sleeping in this room 6 months ago when we moved in, they are both sleeping in there now. Every other day. Sometimes. I tease! Almost every night they sleep in there ;)

Of note, we are still in the process of thinking about curtains for all rooms.
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